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One of my favourite things that I get to do is teaching. I have been enjoying my regular Block of the Month classes for 'Butterfly Garden' at Foothills Fabric and Threads. I've had a few emails asking for more photos of "the black and white quilt" (with a splash of orange) that Phena is making:

May 2008 Classes etc.045

Here's Block One and Two of Phena's quilt:

May 2008 Classes etc.049  

A close-up:

May 2008 Classes etc.050

And the beautiful basket that she's done:

May 2008 Classes etc.048

Tommorow I'll give you a peek at Tracey's version that she's working on!

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. I am really struggling with the new Typepad. Can anyone give me a hint as to how to load my photos the same way I used to be able to?



Wow! I love the black and white version. I want to make one like it.


that is a fantastic quilt we sure have alot of talented ladies around us, what a gift to us that you and they share there work for us to see and be inspired thanks so much


uau! és espectacular, m'encanta! vull fer-ne un!!
wow! it's spectacular, i love it!
i want to do one!!

petons des de barcelona
kisses from barcelona


I keep finding myself coming back again... to take another Peek... @ Phena's Quilt - Just WOW...

Darlene Carroll

The black & white quilt is absolutely SPECTACULAR. I wouldn't normally go the black/white way normally but I have now changed my mind. The orange brings the quilt vibrancy & life!! What an inspiring quilt.

Congrats Phena - it's beautiful!

ps: Leanne - it just shows the versatility of your patterns. With creativity, imagination & inspiration one can do wonders!

have a wonderful weekend! Take care!



That really does look very smart!


Thankyou for sharing more of this version of your Butterfly Garden quilt. It is simply stunning.
I saw recently another version done in Swell fabrics, also gorgeous.

Jean C.

I did a black and white and red quilt for my daughters wedding last August! Nothing as fabulous as this one though! The detail is wonderful! Then again, my daughter liked it, so that's all that mattered! The orange is just well, just the right color!
Thanks for the insight!


Wow, what a stunning colour combination, its so good to see a design made so different from the original, congratulations Phena, can't wait to see it finished, happy stitching, Sheryl


I love Phena’s quilt so much! All those yummy black and white fabrics... The orange touch is what I love the most.


A simply stunning combination!

Leanne, if you have Word 2007 you can create a weblog and then upload it direct from there.
cheers Lisa ( Megelles Bears)
ps I love your work!


What a beautiful twist to your beautiful quilt. Love the black n white with orange combination. Can't wait to see the other.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

I would never have thought of doing one of your designs in black and white and orange but it is so striking! Lucy x

Miss Paula

This is a unique quilt! I can't wait to see all of it. What talent Phena has!!


Wow, what a wonderful different interpretation.

Connie W

While I am not a true fan of black & white quilts in general, I must say that this one is outstanding in every way...it's beautiful.
I've been reading on other blogs about the changes in Typepad but since I use Blogger I'm no help.
I hope you work out the details cause I sure do love your posts and the lovely photos that you share with us.

Paula in NH

Phena is truly an artist! I would never think of combining black, white and orange into a quilt. Thanks for sharing her work.


Fantastic Colour Choice..How stunning!


The quilt is stunning, and I like that Phena is color coordinated with it.


wow this looks great.....please tell Phena......and very different


It looks fantastic in Black and White and a splash of orange. Can't wait to see the finished project.


Fabulous black and white quilt simply stunning.


What a stunning quilt - it certainly gets you trying to think outside the 'box'
Hope you get TypePad sorted out soon, I've been missing reading regular postings


Again wow. I love the black, white and orange. Well done Phena. I too never would have thought of interpreting Leanne's pattern in those colours. But what a stunning effect.

maree  watt

WOW Love the B & W & Orange,would never have thought to interpret your pattern to this combo Leanne,Stunning!!!! Phena,Congratulations on thinking outside the sq.

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