A Catch Up and a Giveaway (Because I Just Couldn't Resist)...
Here I Am! Here I Am!

A Winner and A Design Wall...

The lucky winner of the 'Butterfly Garden Sewing Tin' is:

June 26 2008 Aprons013

I was pretty excited when I drew Kathy out of the hat (well, little green bucket actually) because in her comment she mentioned that she just uses an old plastic box for her sewing tin. Hope you enjoy the pretty new one Kathy! Kathy, can you please email me your snail mail address so I can ship your tin straight off to you.

This post would have been on the screen much earlier today but I was having so much fun working on this project I just couldn't stop:

June 26 2008 Aprons004

It's an apron pattern that I'm working on for an upcoming teaching event in New South Wales. Here on my design wall you can see the prototype apron in yummy 'Prints Charming' fabric (this one I'll keep for myself I think!). Rosie and Melly got me started on this fabric and I am loving working with it because it is the softest yummiest fabric. The apron took a bit of perfecting (and getting all my friends of all shapes and sizes to model it to make sure one size does fit all!):

June 26 2008 Aprons007

There will be three apron versions in the pattern and I'll show you more as I stitch my little fingers to the bone. The pattern will include a full alphabet so it can be personalised:

June 26 2008 Aprons002

I can't wait to get to have it ready for the ladies coming to the 'Jukejema Quilting Barn' retreat in August in Nowra. If you think you'd like to join us at 'Waterslea', which overlooks the river, there are still just a few spots left for the weekend in August. It will be a really wonderful weekend and I'll be there with Rosalie Quinlan, Gail Pan, and Viv Robinson too.

If you need more details you can contact Kim Goatcher at 'Jukejema Quilting Barn' on (02) 4421 2577.

More soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx


Kathy Wagner

If the winner doesn't email you her address, I will gladly volunteer to be the substitute Kathy!


What a lovely way to spend my Sunday morning, browsing around your blog. So much eye candy and inspiration. Thank you Leanne.

Darlene Carroll

Congratulations to Kathy... sounds like this piece of gorgeousness in tin will be well appreciated!

Leanne... what absolutely beautiful fabric/designs for the humble apron!! It look gorgeous.

have a beautiful weekend full of creativity & inspiration



Leanne the fabrics and apron looks gorgeous. Great pattern and idea to add your name.Wish I could join you at this retreat too. Do you need a "Roadie"???
Lucky Kathy, she'll be please to trade up her sewing box.

Kris Meares (Tag Along Teddies)

Hey Leanne! RATS! I was sure that gorgeous tin was coming to live with me!! Congrats to Kathy - a definite step (or two or three!) up from the plastic box! I'm a little envious of your design wall - I have to spread all my WIP's out on our spare double bed to see how they work - not easy to take photos!! Will look forward to seeing your pretty aprons all finished. Hmmm, perhaps one of your aprons would make me a neater cook? Perhaps not! Tee! Hee! Hee! Bear Hugs! KRIS (Tag Along Teddies)


Ooh - Nowra would be so tempting!

Marcy Lyle

Congratulation Kathy on your exciting win. Thanks again Leanne for giving us a chance to participate in your give away...

carolyn streeter

Hi leanne _is this yummy aporon for loxton too?? I would LOVE to do an apron!


Great looking project Leanne!! Congrats to Kathy!!!!


Oh how I'd love to be able to partake in a Cyber Stitch In with some of your designs - a half way round the world trip, unfortunately, just isn't on the books at present to join in any of your classes - I hope everyone that gets to any of the classes has a great time - I just wish I could do a 'dorothy' (click my heels) and be there

Jo from the farm

Congratulations to the winner, lucky you. The apron looks fantastic Leanne. What are the requirements for the Loxton weekend, I will only want to do a small project to learn the technique... Would this be alright?? See you soon, Luv Jo


Looks like a yummy project Leanne, might have to get one of those patterns, can I wait till August... probably as at least I have Loxton to look forward to.

Jocelyn House

Nowra is on a gorgeous part of the New South Wales coastline, and the Shoalhaven River is beautiful. I'm sure you will find much to photograph. Just a little north of Nowra is the little town of Berry. This is somewhere that if you can get there, I really, really, really, really REALLY suggest you visit. It is just about THE most beautiful town in the area, and full of wonderful gifty type shops and lots of good places to eat. I will confess to being slightly biased here, as this is where my grandfather McIntyre was born, but I'm sure someone will second my recommendation. Oh and once a month they have the most divine markets.


Congratulations Kathy...guess you needed that beautiful tin...;D
Love your new design idea Leanne...perfect timing too..I baked yesterday...and my son looked at my apron and said...mummy that one is really ugly... ;D And he is right...so this will be a great pattern for me..;D

May Kristin

Congrats to the winner Kathy!
She sure deserves the box! Have fun with it, Kathy!
And have fun playing with your aprons, Leanne! They look very promising!

maree  watt

Congratulations Kathy sounds like you are a deserving winner.
Love the idea for Aprons Leanne especially with the name on the front, I have a girlfriend who would suit one of these,thanks for the sneak peak,can't wait till we see the finished product & pattern.

Connie W

I'm already in love with the fabrics on the design wall...yummmm

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