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Come And See What We've Been Up To In Class...

One of the things that I love most about what I do is teaching. I really get excited everytime I see a new colour combination (just ask the girls in class), or everytime someone comes up with a way to alter their version of one of my designs.

Today I though I'd share some of the 'Butterfly Garden' classes, you're sure to be inspired! Here's a great idea for the daisies. Make the centres using antique lace:


You could also make the centres of some of the blocks using antique lace. Lay the lace on top of the fabric and secure using tiny running stitches, diagonally from corner to corner. Add an antique button in the centre!:


Anne, who loves butterflies and was part of my own inspiration to create 'Butterfly Garden', has added in as many butterflies as possible:


Anne also has the gift of attention to detail. Here she's stitched in the little fairy's dandelion (look closely, top right hand corner):


Kathryn's version is just so pretty (and look at that perfect stitching):


It's very exciting now that our classes are headed into Block Three!

If you like progress reports have a look at Nicky's blog, The Little Needlecase, her version is done using reproduction fabrics and is just divine. She's also working on a journal to match - you'll love a peek!

Sandra, from Foothills Fabric and Threads is making her version in a range of beiges and caramels that's just yummy.

Lots of ladies are joining in overseas, and thanks to blogland we can have a peek into their sewing rooms too! Have a look at May Britt's version and Laila's too!

If you have a blog and are posting your progress (big or small!) we'd all love a little peek in your sewing room. So feel free to leave a link to you blog in the comments for us to all have a look!

Happy Stitching,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. Have a look in our class photoalbum (the one at the bottom of the left hand column) for more inspiration!

A Patchwork of News Pieces...

To start off, Ginger, our only brown chicken, did not lay a chocolate egg on Easter Sunday. This was however, okay, because the lovely Easter Bunny had been and left numerous chocolate eggs anyway:


With the moon looking so full over Easter I couldn't help but snap a few shots in my own backyard:


I have also been working on a project for The Cottage on the Hill which I can't wait to show you (but not just yet!). Rosalie Quinlan and I will be having a ball with Kerry Swain and all the lovely ladies in New South Wales on the 3rd of May (not far away!). It sounds like Kerry has a wonderful time planned for everyone who'll be there. So Rosie and I will be on the road again into the great Australian countryside:


Seeing as we are enjoying school holidays here in Victoria, there has been some fabric painting going on in my backyard. Georgia has been really excited about playing with the fabric paint that I bought so we all had a go:


Mummy's (and Nana's) need to play a little too:


Of course my Mum, Doreen, is a real artist, so hers was just fantastic (especially for painting on fabric for the first time):


Georgia was so proud of her first piece of fabric that she's made on her own I promised she could show it off right here:


She watered down some Hi Strike paints (safe for kids - non toxic - wear old clothes or pyjamas) and layered leaves ontop while it dried in the sun. The above photo is the result. She hasn't decided what to turn it into yet.

Enjoy busy days,

Leanne Beasley xxxx

P.S. If you click on the Hi Strike fabric paint link (which is click on 'fabric decorating' and then 'Hi Strike' for a tutorial on how to do what Georgia did.


Yes, I admit it, I am addicted to fabric. I love all sorts: antique, modern, 30's, retro, bright, any sort, really. But when I saw the 'Swell' range by 'Urban Chiks' I was REALLY in love:


You see, it's the colours of my home. I had to have it. One fat quarter bundle would not do, I needed two:


And so they came to live at my house:


This weekend I turned them into these:


And these:


There will be more to come. A quilt. Maybe two, there's a lot of fabric left.:


Have to wait and see...

Leanne Beasley xxx

Classes Left, Right, and Centre...

In the Photoshop class last night Gail and I learnt how to turn something like this:


Into something like this:


Perhaps I could use this for my art quilting???....

Anyway, as well as taking classes I have been teaching classes. Yes, I have been having a LOT of fun with the Butterfly Garden Block of the Month Classes at Foothills Fabric and Threads. Here's part of Tracey's Block One:


I am really amazed to see just how much work the ladies have put into their quilts so far. How divine is this black and white and orange version?!:


As I promised to the ladies in class, I have uploaded more Butterfly Garden closeup photos onto the 'Butterfly Garden' photo album (left hand column). Hope this helps you with your 'homework'. Hope that some of you also are inspired by the closeups and...

I am also very busy making a 'Butterfly Garden Classes' Album so that all the beautiful work in progress can be shared all over the world. It will appear on the blog over the weekend...

Chat soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx

A Completed Project (woo hoo!)...

I haven't stopped sewing since I got my new machine! I've been playing with gold thread (FuFu brand which is just yummy to stitch with):


I've been practising my machine quilting:


Adding some serious bling:


To end up with this:


Hope you like it!

Chat soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. I'm off to do a Photoshop course tonight so I can learn how to NOT CHOP OFF THE SIDES OF PHOTOS!

What a Week!

This week has seen me on many little adventures. There was the sewing machine lesson (oooh, lots of fun!!!) to learn exactly how to use my lovely new Betty Bernina. Seeing as my friend Gail also has exactly the same Bernina (which she refuses to name) we did our class together. Well, of course, that lead to some serious shoe shopping:


(Yes, I got the red ones AND the black ones!). That then needed a celebration lunch:


How can you resist a latte with a love heart?

There was some teaching at the local patchwork shop - have look at the 'homework' the girls had completed (they begged not to be named):


Aren't they clever?:


Have a look at this divine fabric combination, I can't wait to see the progress (I will keep you updated):


Then today found me spending a lot of time with Betty:


Together we completed the quilt top from the fantastic Gloria Loughman Class I did at AQC:


So now (while I've been waiting for these photos to upload) I've basted my quilt top and I'm back to spend some time with Betty, into the wee hours, to do some quilting!!!

Chat soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. In anticipation of all the emails I normally receive about my shoe shopping: They are Hush Puppies (my favourite) in red and black and go under the name 'Gabby'.

Another Studio Declutter (Just For Betty)...

With a new arrival in the studio, Betty Bernina, I just had to give her a lovely decluttered home to live in (I think she likes it):


I think the cat likes it too!:


No time to relax when decluttering!:


A place for everything:


And everything in it's place:


While it's all tidy, I thought I'd give you a peek where I sit and write to you all the time:


Hope you enjoyed a little walk around 'Leanne's House'...

Catch up soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx