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Okay, I'm thinking all of you out there must be incredibly polite because not one person has reminded me that I forgot to do a competition draw - from October!!! (See October 18 blog entry). I'm not sure how I can commit such a big blogland sin (and those of you who have won my other giveaways know I always ship them as soon as I receive your snail mail). So, PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!!- all 178 of you who left a comment!(I must have left my brain in Norway!)


So I have done the draw now and the winner of the big prize of 'The Waverley Bag', 'Friendship's Basket', and 'Peace and Plenty' patterns, as well as two personally designed 4" blocks by me is Nicolette (Oct 18). I will also add in a kit for the 'Peace and Plenty' stitchery as a "please forgive me" token.

The other winners, of a personally designed 4" block by me are: Petra from Holland, Vickie E, Donna (Oct 20), Marina (Oct 19), and Tina Dillon.

Could each of you please email me your snail mail addresses and also attach a couple of garden type photos to your email so I can design your blocks! I will also include a little "please forgive me" token.

On another note, some of you asked if you could see the completed quilt that I was working on in black and white, so here it is:


This was a Christmas present for my brother and my sister-in-law. As my brother Dean is a designer (in metal) and my sister-in-law, Anna, is an interior designer the pressure was on! I love them both dearly and wanted the quilt to be perfect. They have the most divine home (near the city of course) and it is decorated in black and white with a splash of red. So the quilt had to co-ordinate!

I was so excited to see how much they appreciated the quilt and even happier when I got a text message the next day to say they loved it and they'd slept under it the night before!

I also made my Mum and Dad a quilt (I finished sewing the binding on 1/2 an hour before they arrived to celebrate Christmas!):


And as Anna's Mum, Susie, came to our home for Christmas too I made her a quilt:


Both Mum and Dad's quilt and Susie's quilt were made from my scrap basket (why does the scrap basket still appear to be just as big as before?!) so they have lots of sentimental value attached too.(You might recognise a few leftovers from the new 'Butterfly Garden' quilt!).

I used the same pattern for all the quilts, 'The Travel Quilt', from my latest book, 'Romancing The Road Trip' (see photo album in the left hand column). I love this pattern because it is so effective and so quick to put together, the perfect gift quilt.

I was thrilled to finally have everyone in my immediate family owning a quilt made by me. Better yet, they loved them!That was my favourite Christmas present.

Chat soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx



Yes, I'd like to know who does your quilting too?


Hi Leanne, your quilts are so gorgeous, the black, white & red is stunning. I am amazed, just last night I decided to use some fat 1/4s I bought on a road trip from Gippsland to Harvey Bay (bought from Dew Drop Inn - H/Bay) in 2005 to make one of your quilts from Romancing the Road Trip, I just love that book, it gives me such wonderful new ideas every time I read it. After the quilt I neeeed a big bag to take on the boat in nautical fabrics OF COURSE!!!! Anyway now I need to make a journal of our last New Year holiday, so much to do, so little time, maybe if I don't sleep or eat!!!!!
love your blog, Sheryl.

I just love the black and white quilt for your brother - other ones are nice too - but this one!!!


Hi Leanne

Love the photo with your Mum also wearing red shoes!!


Absolutely gorgeous quilts! Wow, what wonderful Christmas gifts! I love the black, white & touch of red quilt but also love the one you made your parents! Wonderful job! :)


hiya leanne
I have used your travelquilt pattern to make quilts for mys sons friends who turn 18 this year. i loved how quick to was to put together yet I was able to make themunique for each boy.

The Happy Quilter

Love the black and white quilt. It is so dramatic. I have just started a black and white quilt for my son, now I am inspired to get going.


LOVE love love the quilts - especially the black and white one! I made my sister a quilt for Christmas this year, and loved watching her open her present.


Wow - I love all your quilts. Your family is very lucky to receive such beautiful gifts.

Mien B

The "black and white" a BEAUTY !!!!
Thank you for showing the quilt.


ok. cut photos and made tags last night . Inspiration form living the dream. there just is not enough time in the day. what a shame i have to work.
NOw i want to start on the quilt and bags out of this wonderful book. thanks leanne for the great inspiration and taking the time to share it.


Love the quilts Leanne, think I will get out my Roadtrip Book and do one. Im very excited to be starting Butterfly Garden soon with Honeysuckle Cottage. New projects for the new year. Cheers Sue


Happy New Year Leanne, WOW those quilts are gorgeous. I am so looking forward to doing some of your patterns this year as my year seems to be a little more relaxed than the last few have been. I am curios to know where do you get all your inspiration from? - you are just able to keep producing so many wonderfully appealing quilts etc. THANKYOU THANKYOU you are a real encouragement to me on how you veiw your world and what is around you( I loved the way you photographed the beach creatures on your holiday). I would not have even noticed them if it were me I need to look a little more closely hey! Once again Happy New Year to you and your family. x x x

Wendy Forbes

You are a true inspiration Leanne, here is hoping Georgia has some of her mother's genes in this field. Now onder you needed time to recharge batteries at Point Lonsdale. Wendy


Congratulations to the winners of your giveaway!
What beautiful quilts you've made. This is my first visit to your blog and I know I'll be back regularly feasting my eyes on all the creative inspiration you have here.

Kathy Wagner

Oh my gosh girl you have been busy! Those are wonderful quilts and very special gifts! Isn't it even more fun when the receiver loves the gift?!?!


These presents are beautiful Leanne - such lucky lucky people -
I dearly hope someday that I'll be lucky like them and win one of your glorious patterns
Please keep us all 'tempted' with your designs this year


Do you have a pattern for that stunning black and white quilt?


Ditto Ditto, I to really love the black and white quilt. Red is my fav colour and I love it as an accent. Even added it to a quilt top that was otherwise quite shabby chic just for accent. You are a constant insiration and I wish I was in your family!!!


You have certainly worked before christmas....such lovely quilts...and just from stash!!! Great work!!! Especially fond of the "romantic" quilts...thats kind of what I like.

Do not feel bad cause you forgotten your promise...everybody can do that...and you have had a busy time in beeing creative...and then we all do forgot!!!
Do you remember the pink envelope from course in Norway?? ;D

Take care and hugs from Stina in Sweden


WOW!!!!!! I won your wonderful price! I’m so happy, so stunned too! Leanne thank you so much! I will email you my address and some Summery photos of my tiny little garden. I still can’t believe it. You made my day! And congratulations to the other winners!!
I loooove your black and white quilt and the others too!


Love the quilts really inspired. Just bought Living the dream and i am off to cut and sew.
Thanks for the inspiration


wowie! the quilts look marvellous, especially the black and white with a tough of red, what a great idea! I sure have to try to get a copy of your book, to be able to make a quilt like those three as well!
Have a great week!
ps. we forgive you for forgetting the contest, although I still thought,... could i have missed it... hihi!
best wishes willemijn


Congrats to the winners. Love the quilts you made.


What lovely quilts, you did well to make three quilts before christmas. I'm sure your family appreciates having them so much!

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