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Getting Ready for Christmas...

The tree is decorated...


Red, silver and turquoise:


(Better sweep up those pine needles!)

I have my lovley IKEA Christmas things out...


And my Norwegian Christmas memories (thanks Solvi!)...


Tonight the candles are on...


But I still have 4 quilts to bind!


I hope that you are having lots of fun getting ready for Christmas too!

Leanne Beasley xxx

Christmas With Friends...

Wednesday night was spent with the girls who know me best - my quilting group:


Joined originally by our common love of quilting our lives are also stitched together now by our friendship. We love our Christmas party and here's evidence:


Do you recognise Rosie and Gail ?

Bev (in the pink t-shirt) is the scrapbooking genius and spent ages making each of us a divine bag full of beautiful cookies she made:


We also do a Kris Kringle, and yes, I was very excited when I opened my gift:


I received Ramona's gift and it was meant to be. I just purchased the entire range of these great 'City Girl' fabrics by Kitty Yoshida (from Foothills Fabric and Threads) that she used in the beautiful bag. My intention (yes, I'm not committing) is to make a quilt for my bedroom in these fabrics over the Christmas break.


We had lots of yummy food too (oh, and a few nice drinks!).

Leanne Beasley xxx

When in Norway...

One of my favourite things about going to Norway this year was getting to meet my blogland friends. It really did surprise me to get there and feel so welcome, it was like catching up with old friends.

When Laila sent me an email before we left and invited us for a traditional Norwegian meal I was SO EXCITED!She said she would cook moose (I had to explain to hubby it wouldn't be the chocolate kind!). What a fantastic meal:


Here is Bente from Lille Stasjon and left Lisbeth, Irene, Laila, May Britt, Me, and Siw from Quiltegarden.

The ladies had spent A LOT of time preparing a fantastic meal of moose with the best potatoes (I have tried to replicate them back home but with no luck) yummy veges and of course Lingonberry jam, and a special flat bread made from potato flour.

Dessert was divine!We had cloudberries with cream and special waffles made into a cone shape (my mouth is watering just writing about it!). And as if that wasn't enough spoiling we had a cake that is only served at special occassions. It was the lightest of sponge cake with a layer of wild strawberries and cream in the middle. The entire cake is then covered in fresh cream and decorated. YUM!

As well as a very special meal with a beautifully set table the ladies had wonderful gifts for us too! Not just for me but for my hubby as well! We received a beautiful pair each of mittens:


The ladies also had some traditional moose fabric and bear fabric for me too. May Britt gave me a copy of their quilt guild magazine and some postcards. I have some lovely treasures from Norway.

Then we got so spend lots of time here:


At the Trysil Knut Hotel. We had GREAT fun having classes and workshops over the week.

Trysil is a very beautiful part of Norway, I am lucky to have visited, and keep a little bit of it in my heart...


Leanne Beasley xxx

Easy Recycling...

I've been doing a bit of recycling this Christmas Season:


Using up my collection of bags from the shops with a few stamps, ink, and glitter:


I've also been digging into my sewing bits and pieces for Christmas bling. I found a jar of bells that are perfect for making a present jingle!:


(And yes, like most wives, I've been wrapping my hubby's presents for him too!) I also used up my stack of thin white cardboard to make matching lables:


Lots of fun! Do you have any extra recycling ideas?

Hope so....

Leanne Beasley xxx

So Much to Tell You....

...that I still haven't got around to yet! There's the rest of my Norway trip and a stop over in Paris (although we did have a little chat about that) so I will be very diligent and catch you up over the next few days...

I did want to show you a few photos though. I had a lovely walk in the forest (as I mentioned on Sunday)and got some nice shots. I love this one of hubby and littlest daughter:


As you can see the sun has been shining here and perfect for photo taking:


We are so fortunate to live in the forest:


Can you spot the wallaby?:


My friend Gail and I went for a walk in the same spot yesterday and also spotted a wallaby! Very lucky, they're not always that happy to be near people.

Today I've been frantically doing more Christmas sewing (I just worked out I have six quilts to bind before Christmas Day!) and will most likely be stitching on Christmas Eve as I do every year!

I did manage to have a lovely time at our last etching class for the year with Eleanor our teacher and Rosie and Melinda today. There always has to be a bit of time for art! I started an etching into copper of one of my favourite places in the world, Broome, Western Australia:

Working in copper is so different to fabric and I love that it stretches me:


This is from a from a photo I took at sunset, of a beautiful tree in the Mangrove Flats.

Off to dream about Broome now....

Leanne Beasley xxx

It's COMPLETELY done!!!!!!!!

Yes, every single little bit of the new Block of the Month, 'Butterfly Garden' is complete! The block patterns are written and the shop kit is done!


So, to all the wonderful retail shops who have so patiently been waiting for it to all be done -it is!


The color chart (for the shops) and the flyer were the finishing touches today on pretty much ten months work.

And to all of you in blog land (thanks for all the "are you still alive emails?") I am back! I just found I needed to completely lock myself in the studio and write the patterns to you (not to mention my studio and house got flooded last week!). When I sit and write the patterns I imagine we are working on the quilt together and I'm telling you little stories along the way and making sure I give you all the help you need to complete your version of the quilt.

Hopefully, if you decide to make a 'Butterfly Garden' quilt you will appreciate why I have been missing for a while when you start reading your patterns!

It's done and I'm off for a walk in the forest at the end of the street now:


Thanks for being so patient,

Leanne Beasley xxx