Blues and mauves...
It's done!!!

The stitching is done!

There once was a girl from Ferny Creek

Who stitched and stitched and stitched all week

Then when at last her work was done

She thought it was time for a little fun

(So she did a blog entry and had a glass of Chardonnay!)


She also went a for a walk to get a nice big breath of fresh Spring air!


Oh dear, can you tell I'm a little bit tired!? I have FINALLY finished stitching all the 'Butterfly Garden' blocks and so now the quilt is in nine blocks! It was just too dark by the time I finished sewing to get the right light for the photos, so that will be a job for tommorow.    

It was however lovely light for a quick walk before dinner and so I thought I'd share a few photos of a local street with you that I often go for walks down.


I love a Spring evening:


Whether it's Spring or Autumn (Fall) where you are I hope you had a lovely evening light like this.

Leanne Beasley xxx




I can't wait to see photos of your quilt, so far its gorgeous! Love your dreamy photos, what a perfect place to live, Sheryl


Congratulations on finishing the stitching, I can't wait to see the quilt.


Just lovely! I can't wait to see the blocks. I'll drink a congratulary glass of Cabernet on you tonight.


Hi Leanne

I too am a lurker, brought out into the light by this most beautiful quilt - OK, and the Chardy!

I hope that us Aussie gals will have the pleasure of stitching this quilt sometime soon - can't wait.

I have not long ago finished your Quilter's Journey so am itching to get something else started before it gets too humid.

Have fun in Norway,
can't wait to see the finished quilt.

Wendy Forbes

Hi Leanne, cannot wait to see the finished quilt. You are a true inspiration with colours and designs. By the way loved the limrick was that before or after the chardy.


congrats on finishing butterfly garden.. cant wait to see it!!
Long time slaker of your blog.. i just love your work....


Can't wait to see the finished quilt, congrats on finishing it.
I used to walk my dogs down that road, its a heavenly walk. Your photos are gorgeous.


What a beautiful way to relax. It was a wonderful evening here last night but the view is not nearly as pretty. Is that what inspires all the wonderful designers who live near you?


Congratulations. It must be great having done most of the job. Can't wait to see it.
You live in a wonderful part of the world.....I will welcome you to my part soon. Love to meet you. ;-)


Oh well done - you must be exhausted from all that sewing!! I'll join you in a glass of Chardonnay, so cheers Leanne - can't wait to see the piccies of the finished quilt.


What beautiful pictures thank you for sharing them I can't wait to see your finished quilt.

May Kristin

Congratulations! How busy you must have been! I am SO looking forward to see it finished! Enjoy that Chardonnay, you deserve it!


It’s good resting with a glass of Chardonnay when a heavy job is done. Your ‘local street! as you call it, looks so wonderful and peaceful! No cars, no noises! Your quilt be be lovely to see!


Congratulations. Can't wait to see the quilt top.


You did so much work ! Congratulations !
It is autumn here and yesterday was a beautiful sunny day. My husband and I walked through the wood and we enjoyed all the different colours and all the mushrooms.
By the way, I finished the seventh row of the 365 Challenge quilt.


Hi Leanne,

You truly are blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the country. Everything looks so lush and green.

Can't wait to see your photos of the finished blocks. I am sure this quilt will be just as pretty as all your others.

Evonne X


Wonderful news Leanne - so glad you have finished your Butterfly Garden - What a beautiful street you have to go walking in.

Lucy Locket

Enjoy that Chardonnay Leanne! Congratulations on completing all that work - loved the limerick by the way! Lucy x

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