It's done!!!
Too excited to sleep...

5 Sleeps To Go...

Yes, and then I will be in Norway! (well after more than 30 hours on the plane that is). One of the lovely ladies in Norway put me onto a website where you can check the weather there. So I went to the website and had a bit of a check. I then promptly went shopping and purchased this:


I think I look ready now. The weather is not much above zero in Trysil it seems at the moment.

While out walking I came across one of the inspirations for 'Butterfly Garden', a local 'Butterfly Bush' (or Buddleia) and it looked so lovely in the fog I though I'd share it with you:


Now, you have all been so kind with leaving lovely comments about the quilt that while cleaning up my studio floor (hubby was asking if we'd be able to walk on it now that the quilt is finished, which translates as "clean up in there!")that I thought I'd do a bit of a give away, because I did get all that fabric off the floor:


So there are four bundles of my scraps to give away. This would be a nice start to your quilt if you'd like to use similar colors to me.

Just leave a comment before this Wednesday (the 17th) and you'll be in the draw (and my hubby will be happy because there will less fabric in the studio!).

I'd love to hear comments about your studio, what your loved ones think about your fabric stash, or I'd especially love any travel tips that are going!

Chat soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. I am busily preparing for Norway but I will get to all those emails in my inbox over the next few days - promise!


Mama Bear

Wow, what beautiful fabric. The Butterfly bush is fabulous. I have one in my garden. Of course, it's winter here so the garden has its own bare bones beauty.
Please enter my name in your give away.



Hurry back and tell us all about your trip. Can't wait for that pattern to come out. I love it!


Kathy A

Hurray for Norway. My ancestors are from Stranden in More Og Romsdal. But better yet hurray for quilts and sewing and creating beautiful things and makeing new friends. :) Have a great time.

Helen Hall

Please count me in for fabric, inspired blocks , have a great time in Norway. xxx


Oh I am probably too late for the draw now. I really loved all those spotty pieces of fabric too. They all look so pretty as does your quilt.

Val from Down Under

Hi Leanne, I absolutely adore your quilt and love the way the butterflies seem to stand out and float off the quilt. Great colours too. My husband always says that my studio stash would cost more than all the tools/equipment he has in his garage (you see I do quilting, painting, make teddy bears and scrapbooking)! Have a great time in Norway.

Quiltinggranna in Texas

Please enter me in the drawing if it's not too late. It's Tuesday night in Texas! Love your designing talents and so glad I found a source in the US for your patterns and have ordered the entire set of Quilter's Journey. Am also doing the 365 journal quilt and will be taking a square on my retreat this weekend for the attendees to sign. I do have a question........what is the "weaveline" fabric called for on the embroidered blocks? Never heard of it and maybe it has a different name in the US.

Quiltinggranna in Texas

Please enter me in the drawing if it's not too late. It's Tuesday night in Texas! Love your designing talents and so glad I found a source in the US for your patterns and have ordered the entire set of Quilter's Journey. Am also doing the 365 journal quilt and will be taking a square on my retreat this weekend for the attendees to sign. I do have a question........what is the "weaveline" fabric called for on the embroidered blocks? Never heard of it and maybe it has a different name in the US.

Kathy Wagner

You lucky duck!
I'd love to be in your fabric draw, but if I win, you must let me pay the postage to Canada :)
Have a fantastic adventure in Norway and I look forward to reading all about it!


Leanne, have a fantastic time in Norway. I have a feeling it wouldn't matter where you went, you'd have a great time! What a wonderful opportunity. Look forward to seeing a record of your escapades on the blog. My 'studio' is in my laundry, so I either can't get in the door because of the overflowing fabric stash or the piles of ironing that need attending to. DH knows better than to even attempt to go in there! Bon voyage. Ros.


Hi Leanne

Your fabric scraps are just so lovely. I must say the reds are my fav. As for a studio I do have a beautiful one designed in my mind. However my craft room has been renovated for my baby girl - so the kitchen table is where all the crafting is done now - not that i mind a bit.
Happy and safe travels :)


Please put me in the draw, I love the fabric colours. Jodie


Oh Leanne, I love your new quilt. And the blocks that you're designing for your students -- just too cool! Have a great time on your trip!


..Italy is here for you and i would like to send you some Christmas cakes made by me,what do you think about???sfogliatelle,calcionetti,tartufetti...
are you hungry???i am too!!have a good life everyday!!Diana from Italy!!

Debbie C.

Oh Leanne,
I am from the US and have just subscribed to both BOMs for Journey of a Quilter as well as Leanne's House. Now of course I HAVE TO HAVE the Butterfly Garden. I shall make them sometime in the next decade, I assume. But please oh please put me in for the draw for your leftover fabrics. Your hubby will be grateful and mine shall be as well because I will not have charged anymore on my credit card this month!!! My studio which I call 'My Sewing Room' is a 12x 12 room on the main floor of our home intended for a guest room, but that's what we have a sleeper sofa for, right? And guests tend not to stay long when given a sofa bed to sleep on. So that's my story. As you can see, my e-mail address indicated I am indeed a fabriholic, so I would implore you to feed my habit.


Hi there...
Love to see you in Norway!!! I´m one of three swedish ladies who are very excited to go to Trysil and meet you! When we first heard about this, we absolutely threw ourselves on the phone to join..and I guess we were fast enough ;D I feel like I won the lottery!!
I have made both of your other BOM´s (the last one´s not finished yet)...but already looking forward to the next one!
I do have a lovely sewing room upstairs, where I can leave everything on the floor..that makes the hole family happy ;D. My son use to drive cars or let loose evil dinosaurs between my blocks, ever so careful not to move any blocks.Thanks! Love when he´s around!
Guess I must start packing as well...phew..why is that always the trickiest bit??

See you soon..


I have been watching you make this last quilt and it is just gorgeous. I love the colors and the butterflies! You are so amazingly talented!


Leanne I just love your latest quilt. With 4 daughters age 5, 2(twins) and 3 months who all love pink, purple and butterflies and me who adores patchwork and stitching, your quilt would just be perfect. I look forward to buying the pattern. Please include us in the fabric giveaway as then I won't have to take the children to the patchwork shop. This is one thing they don't enjoy, they call it the no touching shop! As for husbands they wouldn't know a good thing if they tripped over it! LOL

Mary Jane

Just love your quilt,I have been watching the progress eagerly. I am planning on getting a copy of the pattern when it comes out. I really enjoy your style of quilting and especially love your choice of colors. Yours is one of my favorite blogs.
My family doesn't understand why I keep buying fabric when I have "plenty" in my fabric room. LOL!
I love my sewing room but wish it was larger, I think I will always wish that no matter how big it gets!:)

Karyn Liza

Hi Leanne, your quilt is just gorgeous - love it! I've asked my hubbie for your books for my birthday - i love your style! I don't have a studio - i do however have a lovely big basket full of yummy fabrics and my daughter (7) and i scrap, make cards and jewellery and now make quilts at the dining room table - oh to have a room of our own to use - we are working on having the garage transformed! then my hubbie wouldn't moan about the mess in the dining room! Have a fabby time on your trip to norway.


Hi Leanne. So many comments! Yes!!! We are ALL addicted & we want your fabric! I visit your blog often, but have never commented before. Before I tell you about my studio I just want to say "I LOVE IKEA TOO!" I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw your catalogue on your blog. I knew then you were a kindred spirit!
My studio is called "the white room". It is our family "making and doing" room.I have cupboards on all sides for fabric & paper & art supplies & papercraft tools & feece & yarn & sewing machines (mine is set up always, but there are 2 in the cupboard for other family members to use) &, &, &!!!(I said I was addicted!) My best moments happen in that room. I even have "bluebirds of happiness" (from IKEA of course!)ontop of my cupboards.I have a couch in there & people come visit me. They also come in & make things too. It's like being in a class every day!
I hope you have fun in Norway. I've never been there, but I love your jacket! Good Luck!


Oh Leanne - if only I had a studio!
I do happen to have a number of vintage suitcases in the hall that hold a lovely stash of crafty bits. My workbench is the kitchen/dining table.
Then there's boxes hidden under the bed & in cupboards, on bookcases - you get the idea. It would be lovely someday to have a room dedicated to my hobbies/passions.
In the meantime lack of room is no reason not to add to the my stash - so please pop my name in the draw!


Well, who am I not to help out in your hour of need? Yes I'll be happy to take those extras off your hands? But just to help you out you understand! Am new to quilting and have to say that when someone told me I'd start obsessively collecting fabric that I didn't really believe them. Appears that they knew more about it than I thought!
As for travel, lets face it, after 30 hours of travelling you're gonna feel a little worse for wear! Take some creature comforts, an ipod with your favorite tunes, toiletry back with some freshenup essentials and some nice handcream to make you feel a little human again. When you get there, its all worth it - happy travels!


Hi Leanne
Congratulations on yet another beautiful quilt....once again it will be another Leanne Beasley quilt I must do.
I only wish I had a sewing studio, maybe one day.
Hope you enjoy your trip to Norway, wish I was coming!!


Hi Leanne
I can't hold out, I have to enter this giveaway!!! Oh and if you have any tips on that whole "tidying up" thing, do let me know, I've not seen carpet in my office/workroom thing forever. Actually, not sure i have carpet...

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