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365 Challenge Quilt (and Printmaking Class)...

(And I thought you might like a break from 'Butterfly Garden'). I haven't forgotten my 365 Challenge Quilt, I have been really busy and so I've been jotting down my daily happenings in my work diary (because I'm always writing bits in there anyway). So yesterday I did a bit of a catch up on the actual quilt:


My friend Melinda and I have been doing drawing classes this year and one of the things our teacher had us play with is using our color pencils on fabric. I found the best result is with freezer paper on the back for stability. I haven't done anything special, just added in some color with the pencils. I drew my little sketch with the permanent marker that I always use and then simply added in some pale blue for the eggs and a few browns and greens for the nest and branches.

I did say I was going to keep my quilt simple with just writing (so I would feel like I could actually get it done) but I just couldn't resist that extra bit of embellishing!

So seeing as I mentioned printmaking class, in the above block, I thought I'd show you a few photos from that:


My first print/etching:


And Rosie (she's been print making too) with our teacher, artist Eleanor Healy-Wills:


We've been having a lot of fun!:


Have a great day,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. Many of you who live overseas have mentioned that it's been difficult to get a copy of my DVD (see left hand side of blog for more info) across the ocean. Good news: Honeysuckle Cottage has a limited amount in stock. They will mail to anywhere in the world!



yay for printmaking. I majored in printmaking at Uni and I love love love to do it. hope you pulled some great prints.


Hi Leanne -- I just love this 365 project and I'm finally going to start mine. Do you have a 365 group or a list of people that you know are making them -- for inspiration as I begin mine? I got some names from your comments!

Carole Meier

Oh.... what a nice print/etching! Sounds like a fun class! I love your style of drawing, it's so happy! Thanks for sharing!


The printmaking looks, well messy but great lol!!! How r u going to use this in ur quilts or is this just for fun??? I love the dove and the nest!!!


Like I said they grow way to fast, my baby is now 25 and seems like yesterday she was just a little girl. But now I've got her quilting


hi leanne,
can you tell me more about freezer paper. Where do you get it and how do u use it. I read about it all the time...
luv Abby


I can't see enough pictures of your 365 Challenge quilt. This entry looks so beautiful !
I work on the quilt every day after dinner. ( if possible) It gives me so much fun.


Oh, such fun! Love that little bird...Printing, might have to add that to my to-try list! Happy Day ((HUGS))


Looks like fun - love your little birdie! It's so exciting to embark on a new craft/art. Enjoy!


Hi Leanne, etching is so much fun, my sweet man bought me my own (professional) etching press a 100-something years ago. Because of the lack of space I had to sell it. some years later when moving. When you use the copper plates you can make numerous prints (and cards....!) You and Rosie are multi-taskers!
Love to see the 365, I’m about 90 days behind in writing on the fabric. I love to see the colour used in the nest. Have fun creating!


Looks like you had fun doing the etching class! Its always fun to learn new things and a new craft can give you so much inspiration and keep you motivated. Hooray for learning!

Lucy Locket

Your quilt is looking great Leanne - I still need to restart mine unfortunately! The printmaking looks great fun - and you get to do it with Rosie too! Lucy x

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