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Sunday Girls...

To all the wonderful ladies that came to the Spring Stitch-in on Sunday:Glenharrow_d2_26aug07005

I have just finished your photo album. To those of you weren't able to make it to Saturday or Sunday, I hope you can get a little bit of a feel for the fun we all had, even if it's only through the pictures.

Click on the album/s on the left hand side of the screen.

All my best,

Leanne Beasley xxx

The shoes...


Okay - I admit it (and most of you out there know) I am a shoe girl. I am also a red girl. So when I am shopping and I see red shoes...well...need I say more?

I have done a post or two about my recent trip to teach in Loxton in South Australia with my friends Viv and Gail and our shoe purchases. See, well, the "problem" (as my hubby would describe it) is that Gail and I and Viv are ALL shoe girls. So our normally 8 hour trip to South Australia became a 12 hour trip due to all the great shoe shops along the way. I don't think this is a problem.

So why today's post? Because both Gail and I purchased a pair of these shoes (okay - I got a red pair and a brown pair) (okay okay - Gail got red and blue) and people literally have stopped both of us on the street to ask, "Where did you get those shoes?". Gail sent me a text message about a week ago saying,"Think I should be a shoe salesman!". Today, at the bakery, a lady approached me and said, "I just have to tell you - I LOVE those shoes!". So I just HAD TO POST THIS!

I have had emails and phone calls about where to get these shoes! Here's the deal: the brand is Barani and the style is Jane. They come in Red, Blue, Brown, Beige and Black. They are only available through independent shoe stores (none of the big names). Try the Loxton shoe store in South Australia because they ship everywhere (very nice people). If I can find their phone number I'll let you know (if anyone already knows can they PLEASE leave a comment with details).

From 'the shoe girl',

Leanne Beasley xxx

It went too quickly.....

Each day this weekend Rosie Quinlan and I hosted a 'Spring Stitch-In'. We had 60 ladies each day come and share our favorite place to sit and stitch, Glenharrow Gardens . There was a bit of stitching (my project):


And needle punching (Rosie's project):


Great places to sit and stitch, inside and out:


Lots of laughing:


A huge amount of girl talk!:


Show and tell (here's Ramona's version of my 'Journey of a Quilter'):


Great food, chocolates, and lots of cakes and tea and coffee:


We had a wonderful group of ladies and we hope that all 120 of the ladies enjoyed it half as much as we did!

Off for a BIG sleep under one of my quilts now.....

Leanne Beasley

P.S. Will post some photo albums tommorow....

Are you coming to The Spring Stitch-In this weekend?

Rosie and I spent all day setting up for the 'Spring Stitch-In' at Glenharrow. We love taking care of all the finer details like decorating and preparing for everyone to arrive. I loved laying out the name tags in anticipation:


Of course, I couldn't resist a few photos in the late afternoon sun:


By nightfall we were just about done and I couldn't resist this photo:


I'm so excited (it's 1:30am!) and I can't sleep (even though I'm so tired) so I thought that I'd just share today with you.

I will have more photos next time of our fabulous weekend....

Time to tuck in under a quilt,

Leanne Beasley xxx

7 Questions in (almost) 7 Days....Day ? Question 6

"Where do you put everything you must have in your studio?"

Where? Right here, mainly, in my IKEA big 5 x 5 storage unit - it's my favorite piece of furniture:


And I love secret little corners for hiding things, like a basket for all those things that need to be rolled up:


The couch, well, it's usually stacked up with the latest project (or three)!:


The place I spend so much of my time, the sewing table:


This is where storage is important for me - everything within easy reach and surrounded by my favorite things.

I do have a lot of 'stuff' but I don't keep what I don't think I'll use (thrift shops and the local kinders and schools do well!). I also have lots of storage. Clever storage is the key to a neat home and being a crafter I think. For example, if you also read the Melly and Me blog you might have seen the photo of Rosie ironing in my loungeroom. Those white cupboards are full of all my scrapbooking bits. Oh, but that's another story.......

Back soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx

"We interrupt this message..."

Okay, I know I said I'd do 7 Questions in 7 Days but I forgot just how much work goes into getting ready for the 'Glenharrow Spring Stitch-In'. Rosie and I have been frantically making kits in preparation for the big event this coming weekend:


So by the time I got to doing a blog entry last night I just wanted to sleep!!!!

Then today look what came in the mail:


My Moo Notecards !!!!!! I was very excited! They are really fantastic little greeting cards that, as always from Moo, are just beautiful quality, and I will be proud to give out. Also in my mailbox were my new Moo Cards:


Now I know Rosie is going to read this blog entry and say, "I recognise where those photos were taken!" So I'll just confess right now and say, "Rosie I had a tiny weeny little bit of time off today (okay maybe a bit more than that) and met Melinda for lunch at everyone in the Hill's favorite place":


The Chicken Salad was great!

Okay back to work now....

Leanne xxx

7 Questions in 7 Days....Day 5 Question 5

Day 5 Question 5: "What glue do you use for your journals and scrapbooks?"

Now for those of you out there into journals and scrapbooking and generally attaching one surface to another, glue and all sorts of other ways of "attaching" are very important. Here are my basic preferences:


My most favorite of glues is the Power Pritt Gel, it will stick just about anything. I love it for gluing on metal attachments, buttons, fabric, trim, and I can say I've even used it numerous times to fix shoes!

The best thing I find for paper and photos is the good old double sided tape (favorite brand pictured). It's cheap, quick to use, and easy to store, a roll of this always travels with me on a trip!

I also love any other form of, shall we say, 'decorative fixing':


Paper clips, mini bulldog clips, mini safety pins, brads of all descriptions, pins right out of the pin tin, and don't forget plain old sewing! You can attach lots of things by just sewing them on by hand or machine.

One of my favorite decorative fixings is:


tape! If you've seen the DVD I did for Homespun Magazine (see left hand column) you will recognise this tape from '7gypsies'. It is probably one of my most used things for 'attaching'! I use it for journals, scrapbooks and often for card making.

Where to find decorative fixings and glues and tapes? Try your local scrapbook shops, office supplies stores, patchwork stores, and even the supermarket.

My favorite on-line stores are: and

Stick with it!

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. I would love to hear any hints and tips you have to share or any stores you'd like to recommend.

7 Questions in 7 Days....Day 4 Question 4

Day 4 Question 4: "What kind of camera do you use?"


This is my beloved Canon EOS 20D (aka Candy - she is so sweet). She rarely leaves my side (and when she does we have separtion anxiety). Here she is with her 60mm fixed lens (this is the one that takes GREAT really really close up shots). She also has a standard lens 28mm-80mm, and a lovely 100mm-300mm zoom lens (this takes great distance shots like the ones through my kitchen window of the birds in the backyard on the birdtable the other day).

I also love my baby Canon:


She is a Canon IXUS 70.(we too have been known to have separtion anxiety). This is my 'handbag camera' so I am never without a camera.

Usually when I have my photo taken I am holding a camera:


Candy and I in Athens last May!

Five photo tips from me:

1. Spend as much you can afford on good quality equipment - personally I'm a Canon girl through and through.

2. Do a photography course. All I've ever done was a six lesson course with a local photographer - it changed my photographic skills beyond my dreams.

3. Take some time just to practise your photography, set aside an hour or a day, whatever you can manage. Pick a subject that you love and just keep photographing it and experimenting. These days with digital you don't have to keep anything you don't like. Take a mental note (or written if you prefer) of what you like and why.

4. Look at other peoples photos. Why do you like them and why don't you like them - make a note and try to replicate the things you like.

5. Your biggest friend is the light. Good lighting makes a great photo.

Click Click,

Leanne Beasley xxx

7 Questions in 7 Days....Day 3 Question 3

Day 3 Question 3: "Where can I buy your patterns and books in the USA?"


I have now added two stockists with websites in the USA under 'Where You Can Purchase Books and Patterns Online' (see left hand column). They are Buggy Barn Quilts and The Calico Horse . The Calico Horse (Donna) also has a blog that you may like to visit. Her entry dated 13 August has pictures of my patterns and books in her store!!!!!! (Yes, very exciting for me!).

If you sneek a peek at Donna's website and read the 'About Us' story (how Donna came to be the owner of The Calico Horse) make sure you grab a box of Kleenex - it is a very moving story and makes you realise how important the journey of being a quilter really is.

So from Toni in Tennessee to Mary Jo in Iowa, and all of you inbetween, I hope this answers your question.

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. If you are a retail store in the USA stocking my patterns and have a website I would be happy to add a link, please just send me an email.

7 Questions in 7 Days....Day 2 Question 2

Day 2 Question 2: " How do you store all your finished journals and photo albums? Do you live in a huge house?"

Actually, my home is quite small but I'm big on two things: 1.Great storage, and 2. Only keeping what I love or what I use. I do regular cleanouts and lots of trips to the local thrift shops.

IKEA is the answer to great storage (I learnt this at an early age from Rosie and Melly's Mum). IKEA has great storage solutions for every size home. Here's some of my IKEA 'billy' shelving:


The top shelf has a cute red magazine holder but I use it for a stack of beach holiday photo albums:


The middle shelf has a row of 'slip-in-photo-albums'. I buy in bulk when I see things on sale so I can have a full matching shelf if I like (you may notice that the first two and a half albums are fat and full and the rest are empty so far just waiting to be filled!).

The bottom shelf has a storage box (IKEA of course). Everyone in the family has one (or more) of these boxes for personal treasures. This is where I store my little albums and kids' drawings, etc:


Rosie gave me these beautiful red suitcases for a gift and I use them as memory boxes for different trips (yes, more 'billy' shelves!). As you can see my travel journals just get mixed in with all my other travel books:


Then there's the linen closet! This is where I keep the albums that don't get looked at all the time, the old ones, the wedding, etc. I call this my "rainy Sunday afternoon shelf" because we love to drag these out on such a day and have lots of laughs and share memories. These albums go right back to when I was a teenager so there's LOTS of albums!


In the studio I have a LOT of storage! Here's another shelf from IKEA, it's nice and deep and you can see(second shelf) that it even holds 12" x 12" scrapbook albums, which not a lot of shelves do:


So yes, I do have a LOT of finished albums. Thanks to IKEA I have the whole storage thing worked out!

Hope this answers the question!

Leanne Beasley xxx