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We are all stitched together...


(photo: Poppies in Turkey)


(photo: Turkish delight in Turkey)

The thing that I love most about quilting, patchwork, craft, art, sewing, stitching, scrapbooking, is how it links us together, as women, regardless of where we are in the world. Australia, Norway, Italy, Iceland, Holland, USA, France, no matter where you go there are women that love their handwork and we all understand each other. I get a real thrill when I see comments and emails in a foreign language or from another country. Often I can't translate them but I love them - they show me that someone else in the world understands me and my creativity. More than that, it shows me that regardless of where or how we live, we are all basically the same.


(photo: A woman making a silk rug in Turkey)

You may have noticed that these photos are from (when I was recently in) Turkey. Well, one of the many emails that I have received since returning was from Nihal in Istanbul, Turkey. She is the same age as me and loves all the craftworks that I do. We live so far away, speak a different language, and yet we are drawn together by our mutual love of handwork. Nihal has an online shop that sells Turkish handcrafts (embroideries, pillows, ceramics, silver, handmade pictures, etc.)

I was just explaining to Nihal in an email, how while walking through the Grand Bazaar I spotted a beautiful silver pendant of the Moon and Star (Turkish Flag) and thought how lovely it was. My wonderful husband could see just how much I was taken by it and he bought it for me. It is quite unique because it is very Turkish and will always remind me of my time in Turkey. Now it also reminds me of a fellow stitcher in that country - Nihal.


Most importantly it reminds me that, as women, we are all stitched together.

I am so grateful that I found 'blogland' because it has linked me with likeminded women all over the world and from all parts of Australia. I have made many new friends, have you? Do you have a story to tell?

Leanne Beasley xxx

Packing suitcases again....

Only three sleeps until I head off on a big Road Trip to Almond Grove Craft in Loxton, South Australia to teach. This will be my project for teaching for the weekend:


And who else will be coming on the Road Trip? Well, there'll be Gail Pan (Gail Pan Designs) and Viv Robinson (Viv's Creations). We are going to have a great time (Gail always packs A LOT of chocolate). It takes almost a day to drive to South Australia (okay, there's some GREAT shoe shops along the way).

After a days driving through our beautiful country:


we will arrive here:


And knowing Tricia (the store owner) we will have a wonderful welcome when we arrive. This was (left to right) Liz, Me, Gail, and Tricia last year (yes, of course that's red cordial! LOL.):


The ladies that come for the weekend will divide up into three groups and each group has a day with one of the designers, changing over each day. This is great fun because we all really get to know each other and lots of stitching gets done too!

Not only do we have a great time but the whole event is usually quite an adventure and we get to meet some great ladies. Let me share a few pictures from our trip last year:




Oh, we did do some sewing too:


Back to packing,

Leanne Beasley xxx

More snow!!!!

Oh wow! More snow! This makes Winter worth it!


My back yard looks like this:


and this:


Needless to say I will not be playing in the greenhouse today!


And I think we might be a bit late to school....

Keep snuggled up,

Leann Beasley

It's snowing in Ferny Creek!!!!

It has been snowing today!!!!!!This is what my back garden looked like this afternoon:



And, like any responsible parent with a 5 year old at home from school with a bad chest infection, I let Georgia play in the snow:


The snow was really divine (and also made me realise that I'd better get some new boots before I head off to Norway) but I spent most of my day in the studio:


Frantically working on 'Butterfly Garden' . You can see the 'pattern' up on the design wall. Here's a bit of a close up:


Keep warm,

Leanne Beasley xxx

Do you have a special place to retreat to?.....

I do. So does my friend Rosalie Quinlan. It is a magical place - over 20 acres of gardens tucked up in the Dandenong Ranges, not far from where we live. In amongst the gardens is hidden a big old barn with a sun filled glass atrium - perfect for sitting and stitching and giggling and just being. When the world gets too much this is where we go to hide. Once a year we share it with you.


Yes, the annual Glenharrow Gardens 'Spring Stitch-In' is on again for 2007!Right here:


So come and enjoy a day of pure indulgence hosted by Rosie and I. Follow the tradition of women joining together to share in the pleasure of each others company, while creating things of beauty.


There will be a sumptuous morning and afternoon tea, as well as a gourmet luncheon. You will receive two fully kitted brand new projects - one from each of us, included in a 'Stitcher's Giftbag'. It is a full day's escape to Glenharrow Gardens where you can sit and stitch in the Atrium or meander through acres of historical gardens.


When? Saturday 25th August 2007 or Sunday 26th August 2007 from 10am to 5pm. Where? Glenharrow Gardens Old Monbulk Road Belgrave in Victoria. Cost $140 AU all inclusive.


To secure a spot (there are a few left on each day) please contact Nel on (03) 9754 6260 ($50- AU deposit is required to confirm booking). If you are unable to make it this year but would like to be on the mailing list for next year you may also leave your details with Nel.

We would love to share our secret hideaway with you,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. For those of you wondering - I found Marge and her parcel is leaving tommorow!

Looking for Marge...

There's a little parcel waiting to be sent to Marge:


If you're out there Marge can you please email me your mailing address by Tuesday the 17th July so that I can ship off your parcel that you won by leaving a comment on June 24 at 9:34am.

In the unlikely event that Marge is lost in cyberspace I will have to do a redraw for the parcel.

Leanne Beasley xxx

Australian Country Threads Magazine!

Of course, every single time you appear in a magazine is just as exciting as the very first time. So I was really excited to find the latest issue of Australian Country Threads magazine in my post box this afternoon. In it is a stitchery project from me, 'Fragrant Little Vase':


Here's a close up:


Frangipanis inspired by the magical North in my magnificent Australia. For my overseas blogland visitors I live in 'The Dandenongs', about one hour from Melbourne in Victoria (the Southern end of Australia). We are about 550 meters above sea level and it even snows here in Winter (and occasionally even in Spring!)on our mountain. SO I CAN'T GROW FRANGIPANIS! But in the divine 'Top End' of Australia it's just wonderful at this time of year with all the fragrant frangipanis in bloom. So while I sit here in 3 degree mornings right now it's about 29 degrees in Broome (my favorite place on earth!).

In my dreams I'm a 'Broome Quilter' but until I next get to visit Broome I'll have my 'frangipani memories' in the form of this stitichery and my photos:


Wishing I was in Broome,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. The latest issue is 'A Special Patchwork edition' of Australian Country Threads Magazine (volume 7/number 7). And a few of my friends are in it too! There's Gail Pan from Gail Pan Designs (she only lives about 10 minutes from me), Janelle Wind (like me - she loves sewing and scrapbooking!), and Kerry Swain - you will love her quilt!

Happy Birthday to my big girl...

Happy birthday to my 'big girl' Allycia - she will be 16 tommorow!


You can see how I was influenced by the colors of Jennifer Paginelli's new range of fabric, 'Sis Boom' for her whole birthday!

For those of you who asked to see the 'finished' birthday quilt, here are Allycia and Georgia wrapped up in it yesterday:


Let me tell you that everyone in my family expects a quilt top for their gift, knowing that it will be quilted and finished "not long" after that!!! (I'm sure you know what I mean):


I used the 'Travel Quilt' pattern from my latest book, 'Romancing the Roadtrip'. Allycia was pretty excited to see it done - now it just has to be quilted!

Where did all those years go???? Everyone says, "take it in, don't rush it, it goes so quickly". Yes it does go quickly, too quickly. I think we've taken it in, are taking it in. Someday, these will be 'the good old days'. Of that I am certain.

Happy birthday to my young woman,

Leanne Beasley xxx

Here I am...

Have I forgotten you all out there? Absolutely not! I have just been incredibly busy trying to get ready for my biggest girl turning 16!!!! My step daughter, Allycia is about to turn 16 and I'm still sewing her quilt (which needs to be ready tommorow!!!!). Completely inspired by Jennifer Paginelli fabrics this is the basis for the quilt:


Perfect for turning 16 I think.

I'm also incredibly behind in my scrapbooking and have decided that a finished page is better than no page at all! I've been trying to do a layout giving myself only one hour after dinner. This week I realised that I have a huge amount of photobox photos (you know those boxes you sit in and they take your photos?). "No stressing - focus on the journalling - this is the most important thing!" is what I have been telling myself. So the other night I threw this together:


The journalling reads:

"I don't like change very much - I guess most of us don't - especially when the things we consider 'good' change. When they took away the good old black and white photobox at Knox City Shopping Centre I was pretty upset (to say the least). I'd been having my photo taken in this photobox for more than 20 years! I'd had 'best friend' photos, 'boyfriend' photos, etc. etc. Now I was having photos with my baby girl and it was gone!!! But you know what? They got a new photobox - and it takes better photos....maybe change isn't so bad after all???!!!"


A little bit of glitter goes a long way! (Especially when you drop the whole box of glitter alphabet and embellishments on the clean kitchen floor!):


My hubby hates glitter and seeing as he's the one who generally cleans the kitchen floor he was not impressed! Particularly when Georgia (little miss 5 year old) decided to wipe it up with the tea towel and then throw the tea towel in the washing machine! We will be a very sparkly family for some time to come:


I'm glad I threw a page together and recorded my feelings. The rest of family loved the page and laughed at their photos! The moral of the story - don't be overwhelmed by the pressure to be perfect. Get it done - scrapbook, journal quilt, card, present, whatever - a quick project is a good project and a finished project is a GREAT feeling!!!

Now back to that quilt that needs to be finished tonight!!!!

Leanne Beasley xxx

F.Y.I.: Glitter embellishments: K&Company 'Glittered Twinkle Type' / Paper: Aged Florals item #851.

A 365 Challenge Update...

Hello girls. I have noticed that I have been a bit remiss in showing you my 365 Challenge Quilt recently - let's sort this out.

Today's entry:


I have three rows together now and it's starting to look like a quilt top:


I have been adding in a few more drawings here and there (especially when I can't think of what to write):


And all the other ladies out there having a go at the quilt have lots of news too. If you are part of the Yahoo 365 Challenge Group you may have read that one of the ladies had her car broken into and one of the things stolen was her 365 Challenge Quilt! How terrible. I am thrilled to see that no thief will curb her enthusiam and she is starting again!

If you'd like a look at a divine version sneek a peek at Two Lime Leaves. Her entry on the 5th June shows a wonderful photo and I am 100% certain you will be inspired!

Connie at Simply Quilted has some great photos on the 10th of June of her 365 Challenge Quilt.

If you haven't started one yet - it's not too late. This is a quilt you can begin at any time. No time to get the fabric bit happening? Just grab a notebook and scribble in it as a journal - you could even keep it in your handbag. What I do when I find I can't get to my fabric version is just scribble down in point form in my work diary. This way I can catch up on the weekend or in the middle of the night - whenever the chance arises!

Remember it's your quilt and it can be whatever you want it to be. Leanne over at The Stitching Room has added lots of beautiful stitchery bits (see her June 11 entry)and bits of applique. Leanne and I will also share a common entry because we will catch up when I teach in Loxton in a few weeks - how fun that our quilts will be linked together! Lots of ladies are also putting in photos printed onto fabric which looks fantastic for this sort of quilt.

However you do it - make it fun.

Leanne xxx