Should have been doing Housework but...
Okay, I confess...

Sweet memory...

Did some photography today over at Mum's place for some new projects. While I was desperately trying to hang a quilt I asked her if she had a few pins that we could use to help hang it up. So off she ran inside and came back with this:


"Oh wow Mum! You still have this? You've had this tin as long as I can remember. My first pins came out of this tin!."

"Yes. I've kept this one because they don't make them in tin anymore, they're all plastic. Of course, I've refilled it a few times."

Then of course she told me the story of why they're called Dorcas pins (just like she used to tell me when I was little, about the story of Dorcas in the bible and how she was raised from the dead because her work on earth wasn't yet finished, she was of course a seamstress!). Mum asked me if I would like the tin for myself. No. Not yet, I'd rather keep thinking how much a part of her it is.

What precious item makes you think of your Mother?

Leanne xxx



Remember the old tins that "Sucrets" cough drops came in back in the 70's? That's what my mom kept her pins in! lol I remember stealing the ones with the colored plastic heads to make earrings for my Barbies. My mom also had a big, round, yellow, plastc storage thing that she kept her sewing projects in. She also still has the same old Kenmore machine that she bought when I was 4 years old! It is sort of fun to think back to the inspiration behind it all.


What a great picture and post!
Those sewing tins evoke such memories. My Mum has one, and several of my great Aunts had them.
They were made to last. My sewing machine was given to me by my Mum, I think of her every time I make something. She also showed me how to sew and crochet, and still helps me out today if there is something I am stuck on, or if I just want her opinion of something that I have made. Mothers are so special :-)


Leanne that is a beautiful post. I also have fond memories of my Mum sewing when I was small. She would sew into the night and we would wake up to find a new frock awaiting us. Such fond memories.


I think that whenever i do anything creative, or make something by hand whether it be dressmaking, quilting, knitting or scrapbooking, i am reminded of the wonderful women in my life who taught me these precious skills. My mum taught me to stitch and to knit when i was only young and my grandma and aunts are all keen sewers and crafters. It is the act of being creative that reminds me of my mum and i hope to pass on this love to my own children in the future.


I am probably as old as your Mum, my Mum and I had the pin tin as well and I also have my grandmother's Dorcus thimble, a silver one that I use everyday! My treasured memory of my Mum is a little makeup purse, a hexagonal patchwork one with her Cyclax lipstick in it. Silly the things you keep, but she always had it with her!


I too have fond memories of this tin. It belonged to my "Armar" grandmother. I think it has sinced been passed on to my Aunt.

Prior to her death, my Armar asked what of her possesions she would like her to pass down to me. That was a simple question - her Button Box.

I spent many hours as a little girl playing with these while watching her as she sewed.

Later, I was told that the wooden box itself, was handcrafted by my grandfather and sent home to her while he was serving in the war. So now it has even more sentimental value.

My daughter now plays with the buttons. If my mum or aunt are visiting, they'll often point out buttons and tell us about the outfit they were originally attached to. "remember that beautiful dress?", or "Oh I hated the itchy fabric that skirt was made of"

Oh & I've also got an old Semco thread box, that Armar gave me to keep my very first set of threads and needles in.

It's so nice to have these things, they regularly remind me of the wonderful times I had with her.


It was a button tin that I remember my Mum having that I just loved. Mum kept all of her odd buttons in it and I loved playing with them. She still has it and all of the grandchildren have enjoyed playing with Grandma's buttons!


Hi Leanne,
That is one very precious keepsake I have of my Nanna, her pin tin and a small jar with some buttons and buckles in it. I would never let them go, they are a link to her forever.
PS I found a rep who sells the red buckles just a little late. LOL

Jocelyn House

My mum has a pin tin just like that and in fact I remember being given a pin tin just like that when I was much, much, much younger.

One thing that always makes me think of Mum is her blue geni bottle. Well that's what I always used to think of it as when I was little as it a similar shape to Jeannie's bottle in "I Dream of Jeannie". It is made of blue dimpled glass and has stood on the same spot on their mantelpiece as long as I can remember.

And strangely the word 'chippolata' always makes me think of Mum. When I was in fourth grade at Moruya Primary we were given homework to find out the meaning of various words including this one. Well I found all of them in my little pocket Oxford except that one and so asked Mum (who was in a mischievous mood). She told me that it meant "chips" in Italian. Well being a gullible 10 year old and also having the misfortune to be chosen to give the mean of that word guess who piped up in class the next day "Yes ma'am - it is Italian for chips". Oh yes I definitely know what they are now - little italian sausages - and very yummy but they always remind me of Mum.

Then there is the last time that Mum made steamed pudding for us when I was about twelve, and the water boiled dry and the golden syrup caught fire. I can still remember her carrying the pot carefully outside at arms length with beautiful long blue flames coming out of its top. That was the last time steamed pudding made an appearance in our household. Poor Mum!!! And then there was the occasion when the kitchen was redecorated with stewed plums - but maybe that's a story for another time.

Bungendore NSW


Your question went right into my heart! My mother used to sew, knit and she made lace (don't know the English for that) and when she passed away 4 yrs. ago I inherited everything (my sister always says she could not sew on a button..).
As a quilter I use my mum's needles, pins, pincushion and thread and it is comforting!
As Alzheimers's took over her brain, she begged me to take all her craft-things away, because she could not bare to see them every day and nog knowing anymore what to do with them, it was heartbreaking!
I am working on a white quilt with some of her lace, handkerchiefs and damast....
Cherish the memory and pass it on...

Janelle Wind

Me too - my Mum had one as well - I am certain. SHe also had this wooden basket that had a little lid that opened on each side. There were SO many treasures in there - ric rac, bias binding, all sorts of threads and I always enjoyed rummaging through it. I wonder where it is today? I will have to ask my Mum and see.

Thanks for sparking some lovely childhood memories Leanne.
x Janelle


Oh Leanne! My Mum had one of these too! Looking at it reminds me of being 8 years old and raiding Mum's sewing things to make treasures for myself. Now that she's passed on, I have her sewing box that I havent looked through for years - I'm off to see if the Dorcas tin is still inside! Thanks for the memory. Fiona

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