A little update...
Sweet memory...

Should have been doing Housework but...

Yesterday we had the most amazing rainbow in the backyard (because of the drought it's been so long since I remember seeing one, so it was extra special):


Then while up late last night I decided that I should record this memory as a quilt. I'm really interested in the significance of traditional blocks at the moment (being that I'm reading 'The Quilter's Legacy' - Elm Creek novel number 5). So today I decided on the 'Delectable Mountains' block because we live in the mountains and I just love that I got to see the rainbow over the mountain. I used the photo to select my colors:


I just wish that we could all have been together having a girls day laughing and quilting in my backyard and looking out at this view.

All my best,

Leanne xxx



Oh Leanne, Rainbows are just soooooo...........yeah!
Doesn't seeing a rainbow have something really special? I've been a rainbow 'chaser' all my life, but I can never get over that mmmmmmmmm feeling I get each time I see one.
Ever notice that it's always 'brighter' UNDER a rainbow?
Hugs Ramona


I love the idea of a "block of the moment", what a fantastic way to remember special times. I'd have multiple blocks with wine glass's in them but that's just me :)


I wish I was sitting with you and sewing away the day too...especially with that rainbow to gaze at!


just gorgeous! would love to have been sitting there with you! You know why that doesnt work for me right now. next time!

Foothills Fabric and Threads

Hi Leanne,
Wasn't the rain on Saturday and yesterday's Autumn weather perfect. Love the delectable mountains block. I managed some relaxing sewing yesterday too as I sewed my winding ways block for a swap I'm in.


What better way to spend the day Leanne, the house work will wait.
I love tradional blocks, and all the meanings behind them.
Imagine being a patchworker 200 years ago!!!
Have a good week

May Britt

Rainbows are so beautiful, and I am looking forward to see how you will add it to the block you have made.

Jocelyn House

Like you, because of the long-lasting drought I haven't seen a really good rainbow for longer than I care to think about. Then just about two weeks ago I saw the most amazing triple rainbow looking out from Bungendore towards the escarpment, framing Smith's Gap. It was just the most beautiful thing I had seen in a long time but I was kicking myself because my camera was at home. I will have to make myself up a quilted bag for it so that I can take my lovely fuji around with me on the quiet.

Delectable Mountains is such a good choice for a block to memorise this. How are you going to represent the rainbow? Don't forget all of us out here who will be waiting for a glimpse.

Jocelyn xxxx
Bungendore NSW

Janelle Wind

Hi Leanne, I discovered your blog yesterday and have loved every minute I have spent looking at all of your inspiring things. I love all that you have created and enjoyed seeing your different journal ideas too. I have made your Quilters Journal for my friend and am working on one for me too. I LOVE it and loved your DVD too. Thank you for sharing your inspiration - love the block idea too and yes I wish I could have been sitting stitching with you today too - that would have been perfect.
Have a great week. x Janelle

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