Sweet memory...
What a weekend...

Okay, I confess...

I am SUCH a deadline girl! I would cut and stitch and glue and paste to my hearts content BUT I'd never actually finish anything if it wasn't for THE DEADLINES!!!!!

So here I am the day before the very exciting retreat at Candleberry Country in Yarragon (Victoria, Australia) and I still haven't finished everything! I realised that I'd promised to bring along the journal of my project that I've made and I still haven't finished it! So today (and it shall probably continue way into the wee hours) I did this:


(oh it does seem sinful to call what I do 'work').


So this is the cover of the journal (well it will be a journal by tommorow).

But tell me what is this? I say to my darling husband: "I've cooked all the meals for the weekend while I'm away and they're in the freezer with instructions attached." He replies: "I don't know why you bothered to do that, we could just get food from La Collina's (our local pizza/pasta place)". Oh really why do I do it??????? I think I know why God made Mothers.......

To all the ladies coming on the weekend - I can't wait to see you!!!! To the ladies who aren't coming - I wish you were!!!

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you are up to,

Leanne Beasley xxx


Diana Ferrante

Dear Leanne i am so grateful to you for showing all the lovely things you make..you inspire my sewing works and i am so grateful..God bless you and your family.

Helen Yann

Hope you have a great weekend. Can't wait to catch up and check out that journal. Cheers


just thought i would stop by and say hi. I found your blog recently and wanted to say i love your patterns. Recently i finished stitching the blocks from "Leannes House" and now i need to find some time to quilt it.

Enjoy the retreat. I wish i could have been there.

Janelle Wind

Oh Leanne this is just gorgeous. I just want to sit quietly and look inside and see the project you have made too. I SO wish that I lived closer so that I could come to the retreat too. I can't wait to see photos from your weekend.

I too am a deadline girl through and through - it seems the push of a deadline gets me there in the end (most of the time!). Hope you got some sleep before your retreat.

x Janelle

Gail Pan

Well done with the journal, I knew you would do it. We missed you last night at Quilt til you wilt (oh my head!!)
thanks, thanks & thanks



The journal looks fantastic. Have a wonderful time - look forward to hearing all about it.


Beautiful journal, Leanne. Oh, I'd love to attend a workshop with you. I can dream! :-)


I stamp my feet, I yell at the top of my voice "I wanna come too", then I go sulk.

Have a fantastic weekend and please take loads of snaps to share.


Hope you have a wonderful weekend, your journal looks stunning! Wishing I lived a whole lot closer so I could visit Candleberry Country!

My Mum once had a mug that read "If is wasn't for the last minute, nothing would get done!" So, so true isn't it?

Also had to let you know that I am totally addicted to the Elm Creek books, I have read the first book and am half way through the second. Just love them! Will have to hurry up and get the 4th and 5th books.

Jocelyn House

Wow Leanne - the journal cover looks just fantastic!!!!

I worked with a darling man at the National Library who went on to teach Public Relations at the University of Canberra. The about three years later I ended up taking PR1 from him and I still remember his lecture to all the students about the importance of due dates for assignments and how in this industry deadlines are sooo important. When I told someone back at the Library about this I remember her comment "M. wouldn't know a deadline if it got up and bit him". When we worked with him we all used to have to try to organise him to make sure that last minute panic could be avoided. Anyway back to the uni course and about four weeks into the semester came the announcement that all the due dates for the assignments had been moved back. M. struck again - he hadn't been able to get the material for the assignments prepared in time. He was such a sweet man, but oh so not organised.

Have a wonderful time at Candleberry Country this weekend. Oh and don't forget the piccies afterwards. Those of us unable to be there this weekend are all dying to see you projects.

Jocelyn xxxx
Bungendore NSW

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