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Okay, I confess...

I am SUCH a deadline girl! I would cut and stitch and glue and paste to my hearts content BUT I'd never actually finish anything if it wasn't for THE DEADLINES!!!!!

So here I am the day before the very exciting retreat at Candleberry Country in Yarragon (Victoria, Australia) and I still haven't finished everything! I realised that I'd promised to bring along the journal of my project that I've made and I still haven't finished it! So today (and it shall probably continue way into the wee hours) I did this:


(oh it does seem sinful to call what I do 'work').


So this is the cover of the journal (well it will be a journal by tommorow).

But tell me what is this? I say to my darling husband: "I've cooked all the meals for the weekend while I'm away and they're in the freezer with instructions attached." He replies: "I don't know why you bothered to do that, we could just get food from La Collina's (our local pizza/pasta place)". Oh really why do I do it??????? I think I know why God made Mothers.......

To all the ladies coming on the weekend - I can't wait to see you!!!! To the ladies who aren't coming - I wish you were!!!

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you are up to,

Leanne Beasley xxx

Sweet memory...

Did some photography today over at Mum's place for some new projects. While I was desperately trying to hang a quilt I asked her if she had a few pins that we could use to help hang it up. So off she ran inside and came back with this:


"Oh wow Mum! You still have this? You've had this tin as long as I can remember. My first pins came out of this tin!."

"Yes. I've kept this one because they don't make them in tin anymore, they're all plastic. Of course, I've refilled it a few times."

Then of course she told me the story of why they're called Dorcas pins (just like she used to tell me when I was little, about the story of Dorcas in the bible and how she was raised from the dead because her work on earth wasn't yet finished, she was of course a seamstress!). Mum asked me if I would like the tin for myself. No. Not yet, I'd rather keep thinking how much a part of her it is.

What precious item makes you think of your Mother?

Leanne xxx

Should have been doing Housework but...

Yesterday we had the most amazing rainbow in the backyard (because of the drought it's been so long since I remember seeing one, so it was extra special):


Then while up late last night I decided that I should record this memory as a quilt. I'm really interested in the significance of traditional blocks at the moment (being that I'm reading 'The Quilter's Legacy' - Elm Creek novel number 5). So today I decided on the 'Delectable Mountains' block because we live in the mountains and I just love that I got to see the rainbow over the mountain. I used the photo to select my colors:


I just wish that we could all have been together having a girls day laughing and quilting in my backyard and looking out at this view.

All my best,

Leanne xxx

A little update...

A big hello from me! It's the weekend and I plan to listen to some of my own advice that is written on the wall of my studio:


I hope with my whole heart that you can find a bit of time to do the same yourself.

You may have noticed that I've added a list of online shops to the blog. I have done this because I have been getting a huge number of emails asking where my books and patterns can be purchased. Infact, I have been getting so many emails since the blog that I am truely struggling to keep up. When I started this blog it was my intention to answer each and every comment personally, and quickly. I still intend to do this because I love the personal contact that I have with each of you in cyberspace. So I hope this will help.

And so you feel cheery, some flowers from my garden:


Your cyberspace friend....

Leanne Beasley xxx

A few places left...

Hello girls! I am so excited - I just found out that my class at Waverley Patchworker's Quiltganza is most certainly going ahead!Now, there are a few spots left, so those who are quick will still be able to book in. You DO NOT have to be a member of Waverley Patchworker's to come to class (although we do have a lot of fun!) My project on Sunday the 3rd of June is the Quiltganza Carry Bag:


Just click on the link above to go straight to the website and registration page if you are interested. If you have basic sewing skills that's all you need! I will cover and demonstrate the basics of bag construction, patchwork, stitchery, and my own way of doing needleturn applique (but you can use any method you like). There is also an alternative block to the "Quiltganza 2007" if you prefer. Kits are available that are very similar fabrics to my bag, if you like.

We will be having a fun day filled with giggles and girl talk. I will also be bringing along some of my designing journals and lots of other things to share with you.

I've added a photo album on the left column so you can see a few more photos.

Love to share a day with you,

Leanne xxx

So little time...

So much to do!

Many things are off the 'to do list' now, such as finish and deliver projects for Australian Homespun magazine (a cute 'Designer Challenge' project that I hope you enjoy in August), projects and patterns for the Candleberry Country 'Making Memories' retreat, a stitchery project for Australian Country Threads magazine (on sale June), and the list goes on but I won't bore you.

Still on the to do list - oh, I'm not even going to go there! Except to say one of our three chickens hasn't come home for two nights(Barbara, I think, or maybe Ginger?) so finding her is high on the to do list. Here' the three girls in the raspberry patch:


The other 'high on the to do list' is answer all those emails!!!! Sorry, I am getting there slowly.

And as if I didn't have enough to do I decided to indulge in signing up for drawing classes! I started today and it was loads of fun! I felt like I was sixteen again in highschool art class and it was wonderful:


Sometimes, as creative women, I think it's good to go outside our comfort zone and stretch the imagination.

And I really wanted to show you the sunflower than some lovely little bird 'planted' in our garden. What a nice surprise:


Chat soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx

Living the Dream!

I love my life that runs at more than 'full steam ahead' (what Mother's life doesn't?)!

Today I ran around at 7am frantically searching for "I have to wear green clothes Mummy because I'm in green house" for Georgia's sports day at school! That accomplished (and a couple of banana smoothies later) we raced off to school sports day!

Well with that done I raced over to Sandra's house to help her with her blog (okay we did get a bit side tracked enjoying MANY other blogs). So a few coffees later...

I wizzed back home to finish writing two patterns for the Candleberry Country 's up and coming (is it really only two weeks away) workshop. I am SO excited about this workshop because we always have such a ball and get to meet so many great ladies. Once again my friend Rosie and I shall be Road Tripping to Yarragon for the event. (Note to Rosie: I WILL NOT be singing 'Bohemian Rhapsody' on the way home this time).

I have been so excited about teaching at the 'Making Memories' workshop I have to give you a sneek (just a little sneek) at a tiny bit of one of the projects:


That done I raced over to Rosie's house to catch up with Natalie from Candleberry Country and deliver the patterns for the workshop. MUCH chatting later (I love girl chat) I zoomed back home to get dinner (surely it couldn't be almost 7PM!!!!!).....

Okay - we need to EAT OUT!!!

After eating out I raced back home to my blog (is that hubby I hear needing some attention now? Yes Dear, I'll be there in a minute....)

Back in a minute...

Leanne xxxx

P.S. Sorry to all the emails I haven't answered - that'll be tommorow...

Meet Jan...

This is Jan:


Jan and I have not been getting along very well lately. You see she's not even two yet, and she misbehaves just shockingly! Whenever I'm on a deadline, or it's 3am and I just need to hurry up, she packs it in!

So this morning Jan and I had words. I explained to her that I have spent the last two days in bed (with a migraine) and I REALLY wanted to start and finish a quilt top - TODAY! I was feeling a little uptight because I hate wasted time being sick. I also hinted that if she didn't get her act together I would be doubling my saving effort and Felicity (Pfaff) would be moving in sooner than anticipated.

Well it must have worked because she was a joy today and helped me finished this:


So thanks Jan. Now the stitchery can go on tonight. Stay tuned...

Leanne xxx

The Elm Creek winner...

And the winner of the first book of the Elm Creek Quilt Series is Meredith!


Congratulations! So Meredith can you please email me your mailing address and I'll pop the book in the post for you! I was thrilled when I pulled Meredith's name out because I was hoping that it would be someone that hadn't read the books - I hope you really enjoy the book Meredith.

And because I just wanted to share this with everyone...

You can see the view across the road from my house where the sun looks magnificent in Autumn in the late afternoon:


I hope everyone out there has a wonderful weekend of relaxing and gets a chance to fit in a bit of time to stitch as well.

I will be finishing off a project for the 'Making Memories' day retreat at 'Candleberry Country' in Yarragon. Sneek peek:


And because I get so excited about these days at 'Candleberry Country' I thought up another project and have decided to add this in because it was too much fun not to! What's the project? Oh you'll have to stay tuned and I'll give you a seek peek a bit later. Let me hint that everyone should arrive on their nominated day ready to part with their signature and maybe a nice saying or two....

Here's to the long weekend...

Leanne Beasley xxx

New Pattern out today!

As we down here in Australia slowly head into Autumn here's a quilt to celebrate:


The finished size of the quilt is 34" square. Here's a close up shot of the stitchery:


When this quilt was a work in progress:


I know it's not a great shot of the quilt, but I just love that Australian Country feel of a quilt on the Hills Hoist (washing line).

Try your local patchwork shop for a pattern or .You can also call them on (02) 6824 2083 as it may take a few days or so for it to appear on the website.

Don't forget to check back tommorow for the winner of the book draw - leave a comment up until midday tommorow to still be in the draw!

Autumn wishes,

Leanne xxx