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Merry Christmas Eve...

If you're up at all tonight, Merry Christmas Eve. May your home be full of love and giggles and may Santa remember where your chimney is (Georgia - 5 years, wants to know how he gets in the ducted heating!).


This was my kitchen this afternoon after a nice Christmas clean!

Here's our tree (finally up!):


Must head off now to finish off those handmade Christmas gifts!There's binding to be done and a calendar for my sister-in-law!

Best Wishes if you are on your own or sharing the season,

Leanne xxx

The Alphabet Sampler Quilt...

I have had quite a few questions about "What happened to the Alphabet Sampler Quilt that you were working on Leanne?" (The most recent from Mandy who asked me to post a photo on this site).

Here's the first block:


What happened was that I designed every letter of the alphabet and decided to make it into a sampler quilt. I selected this traditional patchwork block (Grandmother's Favourite) and cut out the entire quilt and sat down to sew it all together.

After sewing about four blocks it was too tedious! I made the blocks so each one was a 10" finished square - too small and awkward to work on and make it enjoyable. My rule for writing a pattern is "if I'm not enjoying it no-one else will!". So it ended up here in my journal! I also used 3 strands of DMC floss to stitch the 'a' and it was just too thick:


The story doesn't end there! I really loved the alphabet that I'd designed so it became the pattern "To Georgia, Love Mummy":


To me, making the quilt has to be enjoyable from start to end, if it's not - it will not get finished!This is a quilt you can put together in a day and then start doing the stitchery on. You can write whatever you like on the quilt because the entire alphabet is in the pattern. I'm so glad I changed the pattern because I have seen lots of these finished and every one looks great!

When I taught at Almond Grove Craft this year we did this as a day class and we had SO MUCH fun. EVERYONE finished their quilt top (about 30 ladies over two days!).


We had bright fabric, pastel fabric, a quilt made with the dogs and cats names on it, a 'twice as wide' version, a 'funky monkey' version, and the list goes on!

If you've got this pattern I'd love to know what your version is like so please leave a comment (if you've bought the pattern but haven't made the quilt yet I'd love to know what your version is GOING to be like!)....

(Sorry if I've waffled)

Leanne xxx

Back in Melbourne!

Wow! I've arrived home to find lots of you girls leaving your vote for which fabrics I should use for my next Block of the Month Quilt - thanks!!! I have to say (adding up comments and emails) that it's pretty much 50/50 for 30's and Traditional. Maybe I'll work on both! I'll keep you posted.

Had a wonderful time signing books and meeting ladies in Warrnambool. Thankyou so much to all the ladies who came, and especially to those of you who purchased books. Thankyou to Annette Blake of Fragrant Cottage in Warrnambool (03 5560 5786)for having me!Note: If you'd like to purchase a book and receive it before Christmas Annette has plenty in stock and is happy to mail out to you!

Thankyou also to all of you ladies who came to my book launch for 'Romancing the Roadtrip' in Tecoma at Foothills Fabric and Threads (03 9754 6166). Thanks also to Lesley and Sandra for having me!

Photographic evidence:


Me, Angela, Bev, Dianne, Ramona and Trudy (Sandra and Willy in the background). (Suck that tummy in Leanne!)

The other thing lots of you girls have been asking me about is "What happened to the Alphabet Sampler Quilt?". I'm off to take a few photos and I'll explain it all tommorow......

Love and hugs,

Leanne Beasley xxx

Make your selection...

Hi girls! While I'm away (signing books and things in Warrnambool) I'd love you to help me. I can't decide which fabric style to do my next Block of the Month quilt in. I'd like it to be different than my often used antique pinks and greens (unless the verdict is overwhelming to use those colors!). So please vote by clicking on 'comments' and letting me know your choice. The quilt may not have these exact fabrics but will have that 'feel'.....

Option One - Traditional


Option Two - The 30's


Option Three - Very Antique


I would LOVE to know what you think!

Leanne xxx

Happy and Sad...

We had such a lovely morning this morning at Foothills Fabric and Threads (where I do some of my local teaching)for Block 10 of 'Journey of a Quilter'. It was a really happy time to be together but sad that we have finished the quilt after being together all year. Actually we've been together longer than that because these girls also did my 'Leanne's House Block of the month' together!

Here's the centre of Meri's version of the quilt, I love these words:


I have a book launch tonight in Melbourne then it's off to Warrnambool for a few days for book launching (sounds very 'rocketship' doesn't it?!) down there. So if you are in that area I would LOVE to see you there (for details look in the left hand column 'Meet Leanne').

Hope this post finds you all happy and full of Christmas smiles,

Leanne Beasley xxx

A Floosies Christmas...

Last night was our Quilting group (the Floosies) breakup for Christmas. We had a ball!It was presents all around, divine food, best friends, plenty of champagne, and LOTS of laughs!


Here we are at Ramona's home. Back row: Rosie, Melinda, Ramona, Helen. Front row: Linden, Gail, and me! (Missing from this photo:  Julie, Bev, Jenny and Angela).

Here's me at Ramona's with my Christmas gifts from my best friend, Rosie (for a better look see melly and me December 8 post). A divine apron,  coasters, Christmas hearts and a handbag that all match my house!!! I will be fab on Christmas Day!!!


Many of you know my friend Rosie Quinlan, we have been friends since high school (more than 20 years!) and we can finish each others sentences and fill out each others forms. We are close. This year we found out that Rosie had breast cancer which was a huge shock.

Being part of our quilting group has been more of a support than words could ever explain. We have cried together, cooked together, stitched together and through all that, laughed together. Rosie has often said that without our group she doesn't know how she would have got through it. This is the best thing about quilting and being part of a group, much more than actually making quilts.

Of course many of you out there in cyberspace have been a huge support too. One of the things that many of you have contributed to is a 'healing hearts' quilt for Rosie. Last night we presented all the blocks to Rosie which was of course quite emotional. She was incredibly touched by each individual block how much effort everyone had put in.


Thankyou to everyone who made a block. Our quilt group is going to all get together and stitch the blocks into a quilt for Rosie in the New Year. If you haven't made a block but would like to send me an email and I'll send you a note of guidelines to help you.

Christmas season wishes to you all my friends,

Leanne Beasley xxx

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged (selected) by the girls from Melly and me (Rosie and Melly)to do a meme (interview). Here goes:

Four jobs I've had:

  1. Nurse (because my Mum's one).
  2. Sales Rep (I've sold everything from the kitchen sink - literally, to toilets!).
  3. Sales Manager (aaaaaHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! - THE PRESSURE!!!!!).
  4. Quilt Teacher (my favourite!!!).

Four movies I could watch over and over:

  1. We of the Never Never (I think I was a pioneer woman in a past life!).
  2. The Lakehouse (Oh Keanu Reeves!!!).
  3. Out of Africa (Pass the tissues).
  4. Gone With the Wind (I'm definately more Scarlett than Melly).

Four places I have lived (apart from where I am now):

  1. In the nurses accommodation at St. Vincents hospital, Melbourne(Oh the stories).
  2. With my parents (they still live there after almost 30 years).
  3. Oh how boring - that's all!

Four T.V. shows that I love:

(Let me begin by saying I love T.V. - My one indulgence is Foxtel and heaven help anyone who stands between me and my T.V.)

  1. Simply Quilts (of course!).
  2. Martha Stewart (naturally).
  3. Any show that even vaguely relates to home makeovers or decorating.
  4. Columbo (don't laugh).

Four places I have been for a vacation:

  1. France and Spain (for my honeymoon - how romantic!).
  2. Egypt (did a cruise down the Nile on my 36th birthday!).
  3. Merrimbula, New South Wales, Australia (oh the beaches!!!).
  4. Northern Australia - The Northern Territory, Broome (Please take me back - very open to offers to teach up there!!!).

Four websites I visit daily:

  1. The bank! (is there enough money to buy MORE fabric?).
  2. Melly and Me
  3. Honeysuckle Cottage
  4. A blog that I've never looked at before (I love adventure!)

Four favourite foods:

  1. Chocolate of any description (that is a food group isn't it?).
  2. Savvy Organic Icecream (made locally with flavours like beetroot and poppyseed - you have to try it!).
  3. Just about any carbohydrate!
  4. Anything exotic except when I'm in an exotic place (I always get sick!).

Four places I would rather be:

  1. In a hammock under a mango tree with frangipanis in my hair.
  2. With my best friend Rosie having a sundowner (drink at sunset) on Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia.
  3. At Ubirr (Kakadu National Park) looking at Aboriginal Rock Art just before sunset.
  4. On vacation!

Four people I am tagging:

I don't want to tag anyone inparticular so anyone who would like to be tagged and hasn't been - feel free!!!

Leanne's House update...

Hi everyone! Thanks to everyone who's left lovely comments about the book. This is such an exciting time for me and I love that I get to share it with all of you.

One of my favourite things that I get to do is be a Quilt Teacher. Most of my regular classes are at Foothills Fabric and Threads (in Tecoma, Victoria, Australia). I love ongoing classes (such as block of the month) because I really get to know the ladies that come along and share the passion that I have for quilting. My greatest passion is not about finished quilts but about the process of making quilts. We get so much pleasure in the making of quilts and in the sisterhood that is formed from being stitchers.

Anyway enough of being a philosopher, here's a photo that one of the girls (Lisa) took of me in class last night!


And remember, enjoy the journey!

Leanne xxx

'Romancing the Road Trip' is here!

The book is finally here! For all of you who have been waiting - it has arrived in time - you can put it on your Christmas list!

This afternoon Creative Abundance (my distributors) took delivery of the first shipment! Of course we had to celebrate:


Left to right: Erica Dekker, Nel Dekker, Me, and Jacques Dekker CCO(chief champagne opener). Photo by Rosalie Quinlan.

Jacques and Nel will be familiar to many of my customers as Creative Abundance. Of course they are also like my second parents as they are my best friend Rosalie Quinlan's Mum and Dad! I have known them since I was about 14 (no need to do the math - a long time!) so it was exciting to them to see the second book for Leanne's House ready to be sent out.

Thanks to everyone who has helped get the book together. It has been a really tough year in many ways so to finish it off with the launch of this book is very very exciting to me. I really hope that if you do get a copy of the book that it gives you hours and hours of enjoyment.


Leanne xxx