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February 17, 2014



Very pleased to hear this news. I have a lot of customers who will be happy to know this too.


Yours is the only mag I get now and I love it. I got the first one when my husband was diagnosed with cancer and all of them have helped me through this difficult time. Thanks be to God that he is still here and going ok with number 11 coming out! x


I have Vignette on order at my local craft shop, so I know I will get mine when they get here. I love Vignette and have every issue and would wait a year for the next issue. Thank you so much for this treasured magazine and all the beautiful photography and lovely projects, to make this magazine so special.

Pam White

Hi, positive thoughts from nz. My friend has just discovered your style of design...and she LOVES your work. So keep going. But you are right to pace yourself to ensure a quality product.


Wahoo!! I've been anxiously waiting and this issue will definitely be a "Breathe of Spring" when it arrives here in Washington state. Thanks for your delightful embroidery and quilting designs, Leanne.


Great news Leanne . . . very much looking forward to getting my hands on the next issue. Well done for getting it out - as you can see we all love it. Cheers, S

jenny of elefantz

{{good on you}} xx


Hi Leanne, congratulations to you. Thank you for your resilience, commitment and wonderfulness to bring another great book for us to enjoy. Remember be kind to yourself.

Ondrea Delahoy

Woohoo! I am sure there are a few of us doing the happy dance. I am so looking forward to this issue and think I might just have the champers as I don't want to get the mag wet. Waaaaay too valuable. Thanks for all your effort to get this on the go.

Liz Ryan

Yay great to hear. I will be calling the shops to order my copy. Coffee and cake will be at hand when it arrives


Yay, that is great news. Thank you Leanne for sticking with it. Your designs are worth the wait. I knew there was a reason why I didn't cut out my next quilt yesterday. Come on postman, hurry up, lol


Wow..great news..just love your designs..and am looking forward to sitting down to read number 11

Sue Potts

You've finished! Such wonder is awaiting the arrival of my copy. To lock myself away in my own little world for a few moments to read and re-read this from cover to cover, marking each design that fills my heart with such happiness!


Vignette is SO worth waiting for Leanne, it is beautiful and I look forward to seeing it.


How can I get a copy in the US?

Sandra Paschkow

Can't wait to see it. It will be fantastic as are all the previous issues. Well worth the wait I'm sure - I will savour the moment.


ooooh very excited!!! Just love everything that you do in your magazine. Not surprised at how awful people can be, it's why i can't cope with retail anymore,6 years at running our own business was plenty. I hope all the lovely comments above cheer you heaps :-)


Yay!!!Yay!!!Yay!!!Yay!!!Yay!!! My comfy chair is ready,the cushions plumped, my glasses are adjusted on my nose...A cup of tea and a biscuit at my elbow...
I am ready and waiting... Over to you Leanne :)

Pat S

I treasure each copy of Vignette! Thank you for continuing this publication...


Oh hurrah! Can't wait!
I did have an offer from my supplier to have my subs money refunded, but I said no, it will come :-)

Shari Kimbro

Can't wait Leanne!It's been a long one! :)

Christine B.

Wow! Leanne it looks fantastic and I can't wait to get my teeth into block two of Mrs Beasley's (Mrs Barnsley's *wink*) Sampler Quilt! Congratulations to you and a big thank you for sticking with it to make it happen! :)

Denise Barrett

Hi Leanne, I am so glad that you have managed to get No 11 printed. I get so angry when I read some peoples comments, I'm sure they forget that you designers are also people who have families and also have a life that is also full of ups and downs and sometimes health issues. I can never understand how people can be so demanding and have no understanding or compassion. Anyway I love getting my Vignette magazine and pouring over the photos and adding more projects to my long to do list. It will be well worth the wait instead of not getting it at all. Thank you for all that you do. xoxo


awesome Leanne.xx

Anne Matthews

I am sure the magazine will be worth waiting

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