Let's Go Away For The Weekend...
Time Out...

Storms and Stitching...

Well I'm sure that many of you know that parts of Melbourne were badly hit by a freak hail storm on the 6th of March. It was a frightening time (especially seeing as my hubby wasn't home but working in Perth on the other side of Australia!). I would have taken photos but at the time I was frantically trying to keep water and HUGE hail stones out of my home!


Thankfully Georgia and I were safe although somewhat exhausted by the end of the weekend. The thing I was most upset about was that my beloved greenhouse was smashed (photo above) and that I had water running down the wall of my studio! I was quick enough to take all the drawings off the studio wall and shift furniture and rugs before they were too damaged. We had a smashed skylight, a leaking skylight and dints in the car, amongst a few other fairly minor damages.


However I feel quite blessed because many homes in neighbouring areas were almost destroyed, not to mention the damage to cars.

Anyway on a lighter note, the tutorials to go with 'Down In The Garden' are well underway and will be up on the blog very soon (keep watching!). There are five main tutorials with lots of hints and tips and closeup photos as well. I think many of you will be thrilled to get tips on all the different embroidery stitches:


I thought that you might like to have a peek at the labels that I ended up popping on the back of 'Down In The Garden':


Of course, I made more than one (and only stopped because of time!):


This is my favourite:


There are lots of label patterns in Block Ten, but I'm sure you're not thinking that far ahead yet!

Leanne Beasley xxx   


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I am sorry for your stormy mess. Hope it is all well now. Wanted to tell you how much I adore your work...lovely....all of it. Happy Easter.

Merete Vatshelle

The labels are so beautiful! Do you have patterns for them?


Holy mackerel! I've haven't seen a hail storm since I was a kid, and I've never seen one do so much damage. Glad you all are safe.


Loving the fixed logo Leanne :) x x x

Bobbie Lynn Duran

Good to hear that you are okay. Wow!

Just love your stitching on your quilt.s The colors of the threads and fabric always match perfect.

Mary Ann

Wow, Leanne, sounds just terrible!
Pretty frightening what Mother Nature is capable of, for sure.
Hope all is soon back to normal for you! On a happy note, your stitching is just so beautiful! I'll have to investigate this new design, as well!!!
All the best!


How awful for you and Rosalie, and many others, to have been so badly affected by that terrible storm. It looked so awful on the TV. Hope you are managing to get back to normal. The new BOM looks wonderful.

Paula in NH

I'm sorry to hear about your storm damage. It's never fun to deal with damage. The quilt is lovely. I hope everyone enjoys making their own.


Storms are not fun! I love all your stitching in this post. Lovely colours, gorgeous stitches, pretty, pretty, pretty!!!

Nanna mary

I dont like storms I am glad you did not get to much damage.I love your labels they are lovely.
Hugs Mary.


So sorry about all damages to your house. I'm waiting for my first pattern and fabric for Down in the garden. Hopefully it arrives sometime this week.
Kind regards from Sweden


Glad to hear you are all Safe. Terrible news but as you said there are always worse out there. Thanking your lucky stars I'm sure.
Hope all gets repaired for you very soon.xx


The storm sounds terrible. I hope it doesn't take too long for things to get back to normal for you.


I am so sorry to hear about your ordeal and hope that everything is fixable without much hassle. Just as well you were home at the time so you could rescue things from your studio. Angel blessings.


I am also glad to hear that you were ok. (strange and wild weather we are having).

I already have your new pattern and cant' wait to start on it. (just need to finish another project first!!!)

Sandy N


Wondered where you had got to.. We were affected to but Im more upset by your greenhouse being damaged, i know it gives you hours of pleasure when you can get the time! Take care, thinking of you all. xox


Glad you are safe and sound. It's such a huge effort to clean up after a storm like that. Glad you rescued your precious things from the water damage.

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