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Would you love to come away for the weekend with Rosie and me? We could laugh, and tell stories, and of course stitch, and play with fabric, eat and enjoy each others company. I have been planning something for us to do as well: designing together! Where? When? How? I hear you say. Well head over to Lisa's website (and there's also a blog link there for her blog) at Precious Time for all the details. The projects are a bit of a mystery but I can tell you that you will have endless options of what you can do with my project and I will be guiding you and teaching you lots about designing (don't worry, you won't have to draw - I've done all that for you!):


I can tell you that my project that we will be working on has not only consumed my entire studio but my loungeroom floor as well:


So if you have lots of scraps left over like me (or just need another reason to buy more fabric) you might like to join us. Numbers are REALLY limited as this will be an intimate girls weekend away with Rosie and I so you must get in quickly if you'd like to come:


This event has been in the planning for about two years so it's with great excitement I am looking forward to coming up to Queensland (well, who wouldn't be?) and joining you all up there.

Back soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx



wow what a yummy basket of goodness you have there Leanne:) Im in awe of colours and fabrics but i would need a fabric book for dummies to create the scrummy stuff you do:) thanks for sharing.
Oh and a huge congrats to your daughter on her achievements also.


Oh I would love to join you girls for another weekend. God knows it's ALWAYS a good time for all involved.


Wish you were nearer to me, just too far to travel.

Have fun, looks very exciting.


I would love to come, but my boys are a bit young yet and hubby would freak out!
Hope you do it again in a few years - I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Kris Meares (Tag Along Teddies)

Hey Leanne! Oh no!! Here I've been looking forward to you visiting Toowoomba for AGES and now it's a weekend that I can't come and play with you and Rosie - oh POOH!! You see, that weekend is my 40th birthday party, so I think they would miss me if I ran off to play with fabric with you! :0) SIGH! I shall just have to look forward to seeing all of your lovely photos after the event - make sure you take lots to tease us with. And of course, if you find yourself wanting to fill in an hour or two Saturday night, you're welcome to come to m party! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS

Sue SA

Would love to accept your offer of a weekend away, but can we perhaps book it in for 2015 when the kids are a bit older?! I am sure that 2 years in planning will result in a fantastic time by one and all. Enjoy!

Bobbie Lynn Duran

Have a great time. You have great colorful scraps there. I like the daisy drawing too. Can't wait to see it stitched out. Wishing you a lovely day.


O i wish!!!!!! does it include flight tickets from cape Town???? haha. Enjoy and please post pictures so I can drool. Have a nice weekend, we're off to the sea, so hot here, wish it was autumm!


Leanne Hola, te escribo desde España, tengo que decir que soy un entusiasta de su trabajo, estoy encantado con sus obras. Pero también tengo que decir a usted que (él) es muy complicado obtener sus jefes y que a contar a usted de las telas.
Aver si tengo suerte y obtener su último trabajo con su (ella, su) las telas. Gracias por los buenos momentos que me paso (pasa) con sus obras


You know I would LOVE to come...BUT...;o)... why so many buts... wish Austaralia was closer...:o)
Love to see all your wonderful pieces spread out on the floor!!!! Want to see more..:o)

Dawn H

Oh to be at another retreat with you and Rosalie and in QLD... such fun to be had.... Love the look of your new design Leanne... so fresh and so you and I love it.... your an inspiration....
Hugs Dawn x x x


of course I would go away for a weekend with you and Rosie.........I "know" it would be heaps of fun.......
have a great time away......


Lovely project plans! All looks very exciting! Also, love the idea of using fabric scarps :-)
I'm so looking forward to this weekend of stitching bliss :-)
Happy stitching, P


Oh, what I would do to be joining you both for that lovely weekend.

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