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Still Down In The Garden...

Down In The Garden...

Those of you that visit my blog regularly know that I like pottering around in my garden (okay, I love pottering around in my garden)! It's my main source of inspiration, and my main source of peace.  So, whether you have a passion for gardening like me, just love to potter from time to time, or just enjoy being in a garden, my new Block Of The Month Quilt, 'Down In The Garden', was designed with you in mind:

I have drawn from the inspiration in my green house (don't you love my new pink strawberry flower!!!):


And from my greenhouse to my watering can collection, you can come on a garden journey with me while stitching this quilt:

Even the herbs get a look in (my very green basil there behind the regular white flowered strawberry):

From blossom to daisies there's loads of flowers in this quilt (and heaps of stitchery!):


Well, it's back to frantic stitching now (right after I run out to the greenhouse and water!). I have only a few days before Australian Quilt Market and I haven't finished stitching the entire quilt myself yet!

I will show you more than a few sneak peeks over the coming days and will let you know what fabrics and threads, etc. that I have used.

Hope you like it!

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. Two of my favourite stores will be running a Block Of The Month pattern and kit with almost exactly the same fabrics as my original. They are and And a little hint, I have used Rosie's fabrics in the quilt and both these stores have them in stock!


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Magda van Bruggen

Hi Leanne,
Please can you tell me the finished size of the quilt "Down in the Garden".


I love your colors, your designs, everything about it - where and when can I get it? Thanks DeAnna

Kathy Wagner

Oh dear, you can't have another gorgeous pattern out! I still haven't finished my Journey of a Quilter yet! I'd better get a move on!


Oh - this looks beautiful. Perfect for those days when you can't decide whether to be inside stitching, or outside in the garden! Here - you can do both :) Can't wait to see the finished product. Best wishes for it's Melbourne launch Leanne.
from Barbara


OMG!!!Wow I can't wait to start this beautiful BOM....and I have only seen a small portion!


Hi Leanne
I met you at Campania here in Tassie a few weeks ago, and I saw a block from your new quilt, Its truly beautiful and I can't wait to make it.


I LOVEEE this!!! Let us know how to get it in the us.

Stina is FANTASTIC... Do I have to make a 4th Leanne quilt ..... it looks like that.. oh now it sounded like it was a boring thing to do.. promise It sure isnt.. its a pleasure!!! :o) Cant wait!! :o)


When will the pattern be available as Janneke is in Aus for just a couple of weeks

Renai Chamoun

I am in love with this quilt! My favourite project of yours was butterly garden, now its this one!! Thank you for your true talent, you keep spoiling us with your stunning designs. Keep up the wonderful imagination and gorgeous designs!!

Jodi E

Hi Leanne,
I can see now that there will be yet another order from Australia to Minnesota! Beautiful, I can't wait to see the entire piece!

Have a GREAT day

Natalie Ross

Outstanding effort Leanne! It looks really lovely and looking forward to seeing it in the flesh, you included at AQM "clothed of course! LOL" :-) How are your fingers feeling!! See you real soon


Lisa Pyke

Looks Gorgeous! I made up your Sewing bag from Q/Crow gathering in pleased with it and looks lovely in Rosalies fabrics!

SC Sally

Any shops offering the BOM in the US yet? Please, keep us posted!

Kim Wilson-Hartick

Wow, it looks fantastic. I can't wait to see it completed and I know already that I am going to want to do it.

Jo from the farm

Looks great Leanne, well done...



How beautiful.... I was looking for a special quilt to make for my mother-in-law. She loves her garden....

Sandy N


That is going to be stunning!!!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

It looks beautiful Leanne! I can't wait to see the whole quilt! Lucy x


It's gorgeous! I've been waiting for you to design a new block of the month pattern....and this one is perfect! I love the butterflies!


Hi Leanne - this looks so beautiful! We can't wait to see more pics but have already set our hearts on doing it anyway! ha ha ha. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Have fun at AQM.

Beth Dasecke

wow Leanne
it looks fantastic from the little looks we have I cant wait to see all of it hugs Beth


Gorgeous Leanne!! Can't wait to see the whole quilt, happy stitching...


I absolutely love this,I agree theres nothing better than sitting in a garden full of flowers with the sun on your back.What a gorgeous quilt it will be.Cant wait to see further pics.I'm sure Rosalie is thrilled with your design using her fabrics.Well done .
Love kylie xx

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