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Apron Classes!

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than sewing up aprons! Last Sunday we had a great class at one of my local shops, Foothills Fabic and Threads, choosing fabric, cutting & sewing up aprons, from one of my latest patterns, 'Apron Strings'.

Elissa, Kristeen, Mette, Michelle, Essie, Coral and Jen (missing from the photo is Marg):

Nov 23 2008 Apron class012

Here's Marg zooming along on her sewing machine:

Nov 23 2008 Apron class002

The class:

Nov 23 2008 Apron class001

Jen's apron turned out just beautifully! She had a great idea to make the apron strings extra long so that they can be wrapped around and tied at the front of the apron!

Nov 23 2008 Apron class013

Kristeen and Coral:

Nov 23 2008 Apron class006 

Coral zooming along on her machine!:

Nov 23 2008 Apron class003 

Hope you've enjoyed a peek into our class!

Leanne Beasley xxx

REALLY Meeting Amy Butler (Oh, And Australian Quilt Market)...

Australian Quilt Market was just a fantastic weekend. One of the highlights was REALLY meeting Amy Butler. Melanie and I were REALLY happy to get this shot:

Nov 2008 AQ Market113

Our booth ended up looking like this:

Nov 2008 AQ Market109

Here's a shot of some of my things:

Nov 2008 AQ Market094

(Yes, you do see a new 'Leanne's House' logo - there'll be more about that shortly).

A big thankyou to everyone at Creative Abundance (my distributor) for organising such a wonderful booth and all the hard work that goes into it beforehand as well as on the weekend and now all the follow up. Thought you might like to see some of the faces behind all that hard work. There's Becky, Erica, Nel and Jacques:

Nov 2008 AQ Market044

Somehow they manage to co-ordinate everything for nine labels and that's huge. Here's some of the designers:

Nov 2008 AQ Market009

Janelle (The Janelle Wind Collection), Melly (Melly & Me), Rosie (Melly & Me, Rosalie Quinlan Designs), Me, Jacques (Creative Abundance), Gail (Gail Pan Designs), Nel (Creative Abundance), Erica (Creative Abundance), and Lynette (Lynette Anderson Designs). Missing: Browyn Hayes, Candlelight Creations, Natalie (Cinderberry Stitches).

I will have photos shortly of what I bought and other things but I kind of got tied up today because I've been so inspired by some of the new fabrics I came home with!

Chat soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx

Meeting Amy Butler...

Last night was fantastic! What a great event hosted at the Sofitel Hotel in Melbourne. Rosie, Melly, Gail, Melinda and I had a great night. Spending an evening listening to Amy talk about her inspiration and where it comes from (amongst other things) was just wonderful. Amy was very generous with answering everyones questions at question time and also when it came to signing books and chatting:

Nov 13 2008 Meeting Amy Butler036

It was very inspiring for me because it seems that she's inspired by very similar things to me. I also think she's a 'shoe girl':

Nov 13 2008 Meeting Amy Butler037 

Rosie looked great in her new outfit that she whipped up using Amy's latest range of fabric:

 Nov 13 2008 Meeting Amy Butler029

When I finally got home I had lots of work to do including finishing the binding on a quilt for Quilt Market this weekend. It's obviously a very comfy quilt because when I got up from my stitching chair to make a coffee at 2am someone made them themselves very cosy:

Nov 13 2008 Meeting Amy Butler019

The binding did get finished at about 3:30am:

Nov 14 2008 Birds of Happiness009 

I think it was worth staying up. I will have better photos when I do a real photo shoot next week but this was the studio wall this morning:

Nov 14 2008 Birds of Happiness002

Nov 14 2008 Birds of Happiness008  

Until next time,

Leanne Beasley xxx

Amy's Coming and We've Got Tickets!

Amy Butler is coming to Australia, and yes, to Melbourne! We (being me, Rosie, Melly, Melinda, and Gail) are all just so excited and so filled with questions. Text messages have been flying through the air waves. Messages with questions like "Do I wear something I've designed using Amy's fabrics, like a bag?":

RTR Talbot Oct 06019

Do we wear clothes we've made using Amy's fabrics?"

"Is that tacky?"

RTR Talbot Oct 06015 

Questions like "How much weight can I lose before Thursday?" Oh yes, we are one excited bunch of girls I can tell you. The babysitters are organsied and we are ready to go!

RTR Talbot Oct 06011

It's a good thing that I'm frantically getting ready for Australian Quilt Market and had fully intended a few nights working well into the wee hours this week - because I am so excited that I won't sleep anyway!

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. These two designs are from my 'Romancing The Road Trip' book. The wooden handled bag pattern is also free right here on my blog, just scroll down the left hand column to 'Free Pattern'.

More Temptation...

New 'Flower Sugar' fabric from Lecien is out now! Of course I could not resist and HAD to have two meters of this divine big red flower and a meter of each of the spots! The fabric is a lovely heavy weight cotton weave that feels great and is lovely to sew with:

Nov 6 2008013

It's what I used for the journal cover in one of my latest patterns, 'Pretty Bedside set'. So if you'd like to make one exactly the same as mine you can use the lavender spot. I purchased the fabrics from Foothills Fabric and Threads if you'd like to mail order from them (they also have the pattern in stock):

Sept 30 2008 Pretty Bedside Set036

I thought that I'd show you a sneak peek of my frantic stitching today:

Nov 6 2008008 

These little four and a half inch blocks will be the border for the 'birds of happiness':

Nov 6 2008010

Back to sewing now...

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. If anyone is looking for Weaveline (this is the woven iron on interfacing that I use behind my stitcheries) it is available online from . I get a lot of requests for this, especially from overseas, so I thought this may help.

Sausages and Mince For the Next Few Days...

Well you see I kind of spent a bit of the food budget on this divine big thick book full of incredible photographs and stories by Amanda Tabberer:

Nov 3 2008002

I happened to wander into Borders (my favourite book store) on the way to the supermarket and just kind of picked up this book and started reading about some of the places I've been to and read this:

Nov 3 2008007

Remembering my incredible time on the Amalfi Coast (a.k.a. Heaven) and especially my lunch at 'Le Tre Sorelle' in Positano (which Amanda recommends):

Rome Athens May 2007508

Where the gentlemen who own it kindly let me take a photo or two (or twenty five):

Rome Athens May 2007504

The Amalfi Coast is my favourite place in the entire world. It's filled with colour and romance and cute little cars:

Rome Athens May 2007473

Incredible scenes that take your breath away:

Rome Athens May 2007492

Like this one in Amalfi:

Rome Athens May 2007536

So while I'm dining on sausages for the next few nights I'll be imagining that I'm back on the Amalfi Coast looking down at the menu and ready to select another pizza from this selection:

Rome Athens May 2007506 

Rome Athens May 2007505

Oh to be back in Italy...

Leanne Beasley xxx