A Sneak Peek and Some Show and Tell...
A Winner and A Design Wall...

A Catch Up and a Giveaway (Because I Just Couldn't Resist)...

A few days since my last post, I know! I have been very busy finishing off projects and articles for magazines, finalising my 2009 teaching appointments, working on my project for Jukejema Quilting Barn's retreat in New south Wales that I'll be teaching at in August (can't wait to show you that), local teaching at Foothills Fabric and Threads, and of course celebrating with my friend Rosalie:

June 20 2008 Aprons and stockings and class052 

Yes, Rosalie's brand new book is out! I snapped this photo of her with the very first book off the press when she dropped in to give a sneak peak at a class I was teaching on Tuesday night. The ladies were VERY excited to be the first to see the book! It is truely divine. For the thousands of Rosalie Quinlan fans you will be in love with this book!

When Rosalie dropped in I was teaching a 'Butterfly Garden' Block of the month class. Some of my favourite pieces of the quilt are right in the centre:

Butterfly Garden Studio Jan 08106

I particularly like the little double pink butterflies so much that I have had a few samples of tins made with this part of the quilt.

Butterfly Garden Studio Jan 08082

I love good quality. Sadly, this means that the tins I have selected turned out to be too expensive to wholesale really. Bad in general (don't worry, I'm shopping around still) but good for the one tin I have left for a giveaway:

March 08 Rosies Book317

This is the tin that I personally use for my sewing tin now, and one of you out there will win one for your sewing tin. It's a 7" diameter so it's a lovely size for your pincushion, needles, scissors, and threads.

To enter the draw, simply leave a comment before Thursday the 26th. It can be about anything: your current sewing tin, what's in your sewing tin, how you're going with 'Butterfly Garden' or any of my other patterns, books or DVD, anything that takes your fancy!

On Thursday I'll show you my new Christmas stocking pattern that looks a bit like this:

June 20 2008 Aprons and stockings and class021

Until then,

Leanne Beasley xxx



I love the tin and like so many other comments I have read, I am a collector of containers of all kinds. Love your patterns and your blog and would love to do the butterfly garden quilt if I can ever manage to afford it! I am working on the Leanne's House quilt and love it dearly. Best wishes Leanne!

Helen Hall

I am currently stitching your new "2 brown hens " stitchery and "need" a beautiful tin to carry this project back and forwards in.Your gorgeous tin fits the bill EXACTLY !!!Fingers crossed


wow what a gorgeous tin.......I have the most gorgoeus little basket, a bit like a picnic basket, to take my butterfly garden BOM to my quilt group with me........and this tin would look perfect in the basket alongside the blocks........I usually collect tins, boxes, all sorts of containers but never know what to put in them and just let them sit looking pretty on the shelves, but this tin would have a purpose from the start so I know I'd use it!!!!!


I must confess I have "container issues," meaning I MUST collect pretty tins, boxes, baskets, etc. I would LOVE to win this little beauty, especially because it comes with free suggestions on how to USE it! It's so dainty adn sweet, and I do love all the butterflies in the photos!


Hello Leanne, a truly beautiful tin, I would love to win it. It would be right at home in my new wicker basket. Currently, I take my sewing in a plastic bag. I have started Journey of a Quilter, but have been sidetracked with making a Wedding Quilt and my Dear Jane Quilt. Leanne, you are truly inspirational. Thru attending one of your workshops, I still record in a journal, my craft. Warmest Regards Lyn

Johannah B

I wish I really could sew :) -- my mom was so good at it ~~ she just did it for us and so I never acquired that skill.

Rhonda/Doxies on My Quilt

I love the tin and your blog!!

Paula in NH

I have a Ghirardelli chocolate tin I use for my stitchery projects. I put the threads I'm using for the project, along with my needle book, needle threader, small pincushion, small pins, and Thread Heaven in the tin. I have photos on my blog.

I haven't made much progress on my Butterfly Garden the last couple months. I do need to get back to it.

I designed a wall hanging modifying your Travel quilt. You can see it here: http://tinyurl.com/5ybe2b. It is the music wall hanging. I thought I had given you credit for the design, but I see that I haven't. I will have to fix that.

I love your designs and your new sewing tin. It would be fun to win it!


Hi there Leanne,
I love reading your blog and touch base at least once a week to catch up on what you are doing. I also have learnt alot be examining you photographs, and learning about composition. Thank-you.
I have a number of projects I need to finish - one can never have enough on the go.
Life has been a bit busy, we over commit ourselves - one has to simplify.
My endulgence is to have a day free to sit and stitch, quieten the mind and fall into the rythym of hand stitching, listen to music, have the wood fire going and a sense of being home with the family all around one.
Home sweet home.
I would treasure your tin, as it has an image of what you love to do. In actual fact, it is what many of us women like to do. Quilt, sew, create with love for the ones we love.

Helen Yann

I love buying tins, esp the ones that come around at Christmas time. I never really buy them for what's in them, but what's on them. Cheers

Teresa Whisson


I love your tin, but especially your blog. I can't wait to get started on Butterfly Garden. I have the patterns and the fabric but I am forcing myself to finish a few things I had already started first. Have a great day!



Love the tin......I currently use a case that housed my first pair of glasses....works ok but your tin would be way better...LOL....I am curently working on several projects and trying to finish them all before the end of July....why....because Peg (Happy in Quilting) challenged me (everybody)...so I am in finishing mode....feels good...


Leanne....l would love to be the new owner of your butterfly tin. Surely it would help encourage me to finish the butterfly blocks, of which l now have 4 patterns. It would be as though you were sitting on my table and prodding me along!
love Deb (who drinks coffee and does little stitching)


I love your little tin. A girl can never have too many little tins and boxes for her crafty stuff.


Hi Leanne I can't believe how neat your sewing boxes and space always is. Mine has never been anywhere near that. I do however love to put my projects into little boxes and tine I collect and just can't throw out(especially chocolate and perfume ones)
LoL Jillian

Caron Mosey

My sewing tin is an old (maybe 40 years old) oval tin with a handle that holds trims. I need something new and smaller. Love your patterns!

Caron in Michigan

Karrin Hurd

I am currently working on Journey of a Quilter and Leanne's House. I love your patterns!


My sewing tin is a chocolate tin that I bought in Paris, 11 years ago, when I went there for my honeymoon.
Your giveaway tin is beautiful and I would use it for a new scrap project I'm starting.


I'm in Luv with your Redwork "Two Brown Chickens" A Must Have... That is one Sweet Tin though!

Kari Røsland Ytterdal

What a sweet little tin box. I would have loved to have one like this.

Hugs Kari


i have a "sewing basket", i picked up a flip top lid basket thats about 7" x 13" and i made a liner to go in it with blue and turquoise batik fabric, complete with tassle fringing on the front flap! its a bit bright and retro but i love it! the only problem is, its far too big to lug to sewing classes all the time!!! the butterfly garden pattern is just scrumptious! i love the black and white one, it is definitely a maybe from my stash of black and white fat quarters i have started collecting, it is also a little bit more "young", which is always hard to find ideas and patterns to suit my decor as i am only 25!!! Love you blog Leanne too!!! SARAH


My sewing tin is a chocolate tin I bought when we went to Greece over ten years ago. It's a sweet chocolate brown colour with an old fashioned chocolate advert. on the lid. Unfortunately, although I've used it for years, the lid has never fit properly. It is loose, and I usually have a hair elastic around it to secure it. You can imagine the mess when the lid falls off and everything falls onto the floor!LOL

Michelle McKinnon

Onto block 4 of butterfly garden and I love everybit of it. What a gorgeous tin cover, I am in love with butterflies!

Thanks, Michelle

Beth Dasecke

the tin is sooo cute
I would love to be in the draw
I am half way through your ruths quilt and loving every stitch
thank you for your amazing patterns
hugs Beth


Hi Leanne, yeah a post at last I have missed you and checked back often but I know what it is like when life and work take over.

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