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A Clean Studio...

As always, January finds me in the studio, having a MAJOR clean out, until I get to this point:


After a trip to IKEA (must have been insane to go there on a long weekend on a Saturday!) my wonderful, oh so wonderful, (is that enough?) husband assembled a few new sets of draws for me:


The first thing I had to do was make it feel all warm and cosy, and like I just wanted to be in there:


To make room for the new draws I had to move out my lovely pink couch, yes, practicality won out over that lovely couch. Anyway, there's more designing room now, so I guess that's good.

The top of the new draws was going to be "just the right cutting height" for a cutting table, but then that little decorating part of me took over I guess! Oh, I can shift everything off if I want to cut!

Have you had a clean out over the Christmas break?

Leanne Beasley xxx

My Country...

Today is Australia Day. It is my favourite National Holiday.

We are a country of diversity, of the city, and of the land. Most Australians would consider (as the popular saying goes) that we live in the 'lucky country'.


When you meet most Australians you soon realise that we make our own luck too. We live in a harsh land, often governed by the landscape and the weather, out of which many carve a living.


We are a kind and welcoming people who have learnt, often through the harsh landscape, how to work together.


If you have one of my books, have a look through it today and enjoy the photos of the country I love so much. Pull up a chair, grab a glass of lovely Australian wine (perhaps a nice crisp white), and flick through the pages. You will see where my heart belongs.


If you are Australian, I would love you to leave a comment to share with overseas readers about how you are celebrating Australia Day!


Hope you enjoy these photos of my brother's home in Talbot, country Victoria. A part of Australia I love.

Happy Australia Day,

Leanne Beasley

P.S. You might like to look in my archives on January 26 last year for a little more of Australia.

A Winner and a Thankyou...

I must say that I am completely overwhelmed (thankyou, thankyou, thankyou) by the number of comments that have been left on my last blog entry!


I am thrilled to say that the winner is Karen C (January 25, 2008 @ 08:24am). I have wrapped up a lovely little parcel for you Karen with a set of 'Butterfly Garden' patterns and some greeting cards (with butterflies and ribbons attached of course) that is just waiting for your snail mail address so I can ship it straight to you (can you please email me your snail mail).


I sit here and type away and send my thoughts, ideas, and well, pretty much whatever's in my heart or on my sewing table, wondering who's out there in cyberspace having a little peek. It's lovely to know from your comments how much you appreciate and enjoy what I put on offer for you, so thanks for all the lovely comments.


In cyberspace friendship,

Leanne Beasley xxx

A Giveaway To Keep You Busy All Year Long...

I've taken some time to update all those 'bits down the side' of the blog. I've added in a photo album of the new 'Butterfly Garden' Block of the Month Quilt so you can have lovely big pictures to look at while you work on it, if you're doing the quilt.


So I thought it would be nice to have a giveaway of a set of patterns for 'Butterfly Garden'. Seeing as I've just received my first shipment of lovely greeting cards I'll add in a few of those too:


I'll do a draw for this set of patterns on Friday. Simply leave a comment on the blog before Friday to be in the draw! If you simply can't wait to see if you've won and want to join a Block of the Month program have a peek at Honeysuckle Cottage (very similar fabrics to my original) or head over to Mrs. Martin's Quilt Shop blog to see her two different colour selections, one in divine reproduction fabrics. You can follow the progress of Mrs. Martin's own stitching as she lets you join her journey via her blog.

I'm also going to be doing quite a bit of local teaching with 'Butterfly Garden' classes at Foothills Fabric and Threads in Tecoma. You can contact Foothills Fabric and Threads for more details, check times and dates in the 'Newsletter' section of their blog. To those of you who have signed up for the classes, I can't wait for February to arrive so we can get stitching! I will have one of my other new printing explorations for each of you too (your pick!).

Many of you know that I was fortunate enough to visit Norway last year. If you'd like to see a few photos from that trip, enjoy a new blog (and practise your Norwegian), have a peek at Quiltegarden's new blog .

Good luck for the draw!

Leanne Beasley xxx

A Shopping Trip...

Today I wandered over to Scrapper's Warehouse for a shopping trip. Well it wasn't just wandering, I've been trying to get there for ages and due to a nagging 6 year old (who just HAD to have new glitter for the school holidays) and a personal desire to stock up for a fresh new year, we headed off:


Of course, I just couldn't resist the above yummy paints and paper. It's not just the colours for me - it's the names - 'Deep Sea' and 'Sea Foam' - irresistable!

Then of course, the summer sale was on, so, well, I just had to have these lovely cards:


I really love wrapping presents and attaching a monogram on the outside, it makes a present really personal. These are just divine (about the size of a credit card) and very usable because they're reversible (which really means I just needed two packets so I could use both sides!).

Oh, and we stocked up on glitter:


May your new year be full of a few yummy new supplies too,

Leanne Beasley xxx

178 Apologies...(And a Few Quilts)...

Okay, I'm thinking all of you out there must be incredibly polite because not one person has reminded me that I forgot to do a competition draw - from October!!! (See October 18 blog entry). I'm not sure how I can commit such a big blogland sin (and those of you who have won my other giveaways know I always ship them as soon as I receive your snail mail). So, PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!!- all 178 of you who left a comment!(I must have left my brain in Norway!)


So I have done the draw now and the winner of the big prize of 'The Waverley Bag', 'Friendship's Basket', and 'Peace and Plenty' patterns, as well as two personally designed 4" blocks by me is Nicolette (Oct 18). I will also add in a kit for the 'Peace and Plenty' stitchery as a "please forgive me" token.

The other winners, of a personally designed 4" block by me are: Petra from Holland, Vickie E, Donna (Oct 20), Marina (Oct 19), and Tina Dillon.

Could each of you please email me your snail mail addresses and also attach a couple of garden type photos to your email so I can design your blocks! I will also include a little "please forgive me" token.

On another note, some of you asked if you could see the completed quilt that I was working on in black and white, so here it is:


This was a Christmas present for my brother and my sister-in-law. As my brother Dean is a designer (in metal) and my sister-in-law, Anna, is an interior designer the pressure was on! I love them both dearly and wanted the quilt to be perfect. They have the most divine home (near the city of course) and it is decorated in black and white with a splash of red. So the quilt had to co-ordinate!

I was so excited to see how much they appreciated the quilt and even happier when I got a text message the next day to say they loved it and they'd slept under it the night before!

I also made my Mum and Dad a quilt (I finished sewing the binding on 1/2 an hour before they arrived to celebrate Christmas!):


And as Anna's Mum, Susie, came to our home for Christmas too I made her a quilt:


Both Mum and Dad's quilt and Susie's quilt were made from my scrap basket (why does the scrap basket still appear to be just as big as before?!) so they have lots of sentimental value attached too.(You might recognise a few leftovers from the new 'Butterfly Garden' quilt!).

I used the same pattern for all the quilts, 'The Travel Quilt', from my latest book, 'Romancing The Road Trip' (see photo album in the left hand column). I love this pattern because it is so effective and so quick to put together, the perfect gift quilt.

I was thrilled to finally have everyone in my immediate family owning a quilt made by me. Better yet, they loved them!That was my favourite Christmas present.

Chat soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx

Beach Holiday Journal...

I know that you will not be surprised that while on my beach holiday I managed to do a bit of journalling:


This trip I set myself the objective of taking with me what I would use for my journal, without buying any extras while away, and also completing a journal with no photos (yes, quite a challenge for me!):


I dug out of my journal draw (okay, okay, I have TWO 'not yet used' journal draws) a '7 gypsies envelope album' (available here). It's about 10" x 5" in size. They have a brown chipboard cover and cream envelopes.


Some of my favorite things I took with me were the new Making Memories 4 x 6 Spiral Bound Journaling Book which you can tear the yummy pages out of and journal on, and the delicious embellishments to match:


I also received just before Christmas a lovely order of the new 'Love Elsie' range which I just had to use. This ended up being my front (and back) cover paper, with the embellishments and ribbon from that range stuck on and used throughout the journal.


As you can see above, I used the envelopes to store my 'collections' from each day. The kids thought this was just great having 'secrets' in each pocket to find later, although they wanted to keep opening them all the time!

I used an envelope for each day, using the back to make a detailed journal and record the temperature (I don't know why, but the temperature always interests me on holidays!):


It was great sitting down and journalling each day. While I journalled the kids joined in (feeling special using all the 'grown up' art stuff) and got creative themselves. This gave all the other grownups a break while we had "Leanne's Art Lesson for the day". (It also meant they let me borrow their coloured pencils!).

I had a completed journal at the end of the trip, just doing the cover when I got home.

Best go and finish unpacking!

Leanne Beasley xxx

Note: I have searched the net for where you can get some of these supplies. Please be aware that I have linked to 'Scrapbook Express' which is in the USA and prices are in US Dollars. I have not ordered from them myself and therefore cannot vouch for them. I regularly (my hubby would say too regularly) order from who always give excellent service (and include jelly beans in your order!).

If anyone would like to leave a link in comments, please feel free.

Back from the Beach...

Summer holidays always mean 'beach' to me. This year we headed off after Christmas to a magical spot called Point Lonsdale, near Queenscliff, on the Bellarine Penninsula, in Victoria:


Needless to say, I took a LOT of photos:


There were sea creatures galore in the rockpools, including seastars (starfish) of every colour you can imagine:



My little Georgia had the summer holiday every kid dreams of:


The weather was so hot (into the low 40's!!!) that I took lots of photos under the pier of interesting creatures living on the wooden posts. I'm hoping to use some of these for quilting inspiration:


With over 400 photos I don't think I'll be stuck:


Chat soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx