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November 13, 2007



Hyggelig !!!!
I'm Italian and we have lots of words, but nothing like that.:-(
German people too, they have the word 'gemutlich', that explain the same concept. Really a lovely feeling!
Thank you for sharing your photos: I'm in love with north Europe...:-)
And compliments for your works, you really have 'golden hands'...:-)
Antonella from Italy

Mary Ann

Hyggelig, yes, a wonderful word! We also use it in Denmark! I especially love the aspect of it being a verb, as well!! We like to "hygge" ourselves here, too!!! Hope you had some pickled herring with that akvavit??!!! Cheers! Mary Ann in Denmark


what an interesting and fun time you've had. i've not been to europe so am enjoying the photos very much. it is nice to put faces to the blog girls as well.


That must have taken a lot of courage to get up in front of all those people, congratulations Leanne, very brave.


Der ser sååå hyggelig ut! Yes, there is no English translation for "hyggelig"! And as you might have noticed, that word is uses a lot here in Norway! Looks like you had a marvelous time. Did you bring back some aquavit for Christmas? ;o) Happy weekend ((HUGS))


I love reading about your travels.
that is a lovely word, conveying sooo much!

Tina McIntosh

Your photos are just beautiful. the photo ot the pigeon actually looks like he pozed especially for you. Look forward to seeing more photos.

Anne Ida

Looks like a great crowd to greet you in Asker! I had visitors that weekend, if not I would have been there as well :o) Thank you for sharing your pictures!


Looks like you had a marvellous time. Isn't it wonderful how a love of craft, fabric thread and related topics has the power to unite women from different continents. Truely a beautiful gift.

May Kristin

Hi Leanne! I enjoy reading about your impressions from my country, and words you learned! Look forward for more!

Foothills Fabric and Threads

Hi Leanne, It's been great reading about your trip and seeing all the photos. Keep them coming... Sandra


Hi Leanne, enjoying the journey with you. The word Hyggelig is like the Dutch word Gezellig, its not really translatable cause its more of a feeling. I know exactly what you mean. I suppose the closest we have in english would be ambiance.


Your words bring special meanings when coupled with a two and half hour conversation!! Welcome back, I love your success and above all take plenty of photos!!!!

C xoxo


Wonderful Leanne, we call that feeling ‘knus’!


aquavit??? looks lethal and was that bottle EMPTY?? seems to be a bit of a theme happening in your recent blogs.. what a daunting crowd, but I am sure you handled the crowd with aplomb! I would of needed a change of dacks, but hey, thats me! LOL the saying I am thinking of has the word 'bricks' in it! LOL
can't wait to see what else you got up to while you were away.. did I mention I was jealous?? well I still am!


Carole Meier

What a lovely trip! I'm enjoying reading about it! It's the next best thing to being there! Thanks for showing the sculptures! Lovely! Oh... I do love that word! Keep well!

Wendy Forbes

Welcome back Leanne, looks like you had a wonderful time. Hanne and May certainly enjoyed your visit. Did you bring back lots of fabrics with you and the inspiration for a new quilt. Wendy

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