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Print those photos!

More about journals today, but first, PRINT THOSE PHOTOS! You may have noticed that Sarah left a comment on my last post saying that she must print her photos - yes Sarah - print them, please! Urban myth or not, that story going around about the lady who was burgled and had her computer stolen with her wedding photos on it - oh the horror! Apparently she hadn't got around to printing the photos she wanted or even putting them onto a disc. Even if it is a myth it could happen.

Because I have so many albums and journals (I know this comes as no surprise), and we live in such a high fire danger area, being in the forest, I  have all my favorite photos on discs (yes, labelled and dated!) because at least I could grab this in an emergency (but boy would I have a LOT of scrapbooking to re-do!). So if you only print as required at least put things onto disc.

The journal that I want to show you today is my Creative Journal 2006, kind of a photo diary of my work and things that I was planning in 2006:


Using one of those binders once again, I added some paint, 7gypsies month tape, made some tags (using left over 3 sisters fabric with the selvedge), added some ricrac and a few embellishments (too much glue on those embellishements but who cares really) and stamps, and those divine 7gypsies metal corners. Then I made 12 months worth of dividers adding in my own scribbles,rub-ons, and some monthly 7gypsies tape:


I used a double sided card that is a 'photo' of fabric with stitching on one side(by MemoriesComplete called 'sweet tea'), and ribbons on the other side:


I used the other side of each divider as a place to jot down what I did each month. Then the pages in the binder are very similar to the ones in the binder on the DVD (see left column):


this one was a basic page (I make loads of these)and then this one was a 'pocket style foldover page':


I had a lot of fun with this journal and used up lots of my scrapbooking 'scraps' because I didn't try to make everything match! It's also a great feeling to look back on a years worth of 'stuff' and realise just how much each of us achieves in a year.

You could also do this whatever your work is. If they can make a movie about Kenny (a must see movies -lol)anyone can make a journal about their work!

Just remember - it's about having fun!

Leanne xxx

More journals...

So many of you loved the DVD that I made (see photo album in left column)for Homespun magazine that I have been overwhelmed with the response. I've made many different versions of the journal myself and so I thought that I'd share a few with you. I'll just share one a day over the next few days. Today's is a travel version:

This was a version I made for a trip to Dubai and Egypt that I took last year:


Made in the way described in the DVD except that instead of using fabric on the cover I used some scrapbook papers, stickers, ribbon and rub-on letters and swirl. I also added some '7gypsies' metal corners. I kept it really simple with the dividers:


I used the same papers and bits as on the front cover, for the dividers. I divided the travel sections into: itinerary (the factual what we did on what day bit), journal (a personal account of what we did each day):


I take the journal pages with me in my back pack each day so I scribble bits down while in a bus or whatever. You can see I literally scribble bits down as I think of them. I don't worry about being neat or perfect, just recording what I'm doing and feeling at the time. Point form works really well.

Another section for photos (just my favorites), the next section I call remember (just a page about certain places that will bring back strong memories). I started each page off before I left for the trip with, "What I want to remember about Dubai..." for example:


Once again, I find point form a very 'stress free' way to journal. Every time I think "I never want to forget this", I include it here.

and culture (things that are different to my way of life). For example, 'the call to prayer' over loud speakers (wherever you are) that you hear all over the Middle East throughout the day and night.

I used the 'pocket style' fold up page' to keep my postcards too:


So remember, it's your journal include or exclude what suits you! The 2 ring binder works well because you can easily add things in later or take them out.

However you do it, have fun!

Leanne xxx

P.S. If you're looking for binders they are now in stock at . They now also come in a red (oh I am SUCH a red girl) and also olive green binding! They also stock the other items (or similar) that I've used for this version of the journal.

Australia Day!

Happy Australia day everyone!

Australia Day in this house started off (quite early) by Little Miss 5 year old waving her huge Australian Flag around the backyard, yelling (quite loudly) "Happy Australia Day everyone!!!!". So BIG apology to any neighbors who thought a sleep in might be nice on their holiday.

Promise not to get on my soapbox with my post today but I am so passionate about our beautiful country. For all my overseas readers I hope that one day you may get to visit our vast, friendly, beautiful and incredibly interesting country. I know you will not be disappointed.

I thought I'd share a few of my favourite views of my country with you, starting with a local one of Glenharrow Gardens , a divine B&B set in the hills of Victoria that is about 5 minutes from my home. My friend Rosalie and I hold sewing retreats here....


Then 4,695 kilometers away (at the other end of Australia - the 'Top End'), is one of my favorite places in the whole world, Broome, Western Australia. This is sunrise about 6am, when the color of the sky is reflected in the sand.


Also at the 'Top End' is Darwin, in the Nothern Territory, home to Kakadu National Park and a wonderful pace of life. Here's sunset on the water in Darwin:


And of course, there's nothing us Australians love better than our own backyard! Here's mine as the sun was coming up in September:


So I hope you've enjoyed a few moments of my Australia here. I could fill a book with a 1000 more wonderful photos that I love!

If you have a moment sneak a look at the Dorothea Mackellar site and read her incredible poem, 'My Country', I know most of us (here in Australia) had to learn this off by heart in school, and I am SO glad. It describes why we celebrate from the heart on a day like today...

If you are here in  Australia I would love you to leave a comment about your favorite spot in our country, how you're celebrating today, anything that is typically Australian, that our overseas readers might like to know.

Leanne xxx

Six weird things...

I've been tagged (selected) to do that meme (interview type thing) that's going around called '6 weird things about me' (thanks Wendy now I've realised how weird I actually am!). Here goes:

6 weird things about Leanne Beasley:



I take my camera EVERYWHERE! Even if I'm just going to the general store I have to take my camera - I just know that the day I don't take it I'll miss the shot of a lifetime.


I LOVE driving. I think it's a leftover thing from my days on the road as a sales rep! All my friends know that if we're going somewhere I have to be the driver (this also means I'm a terrrible passenger!).


I spend as much time in my pyjamas as I do in 'real' clothes. Come on, they're SO comfortable! My very most favorite thing about working from home is that I can work in my pjyamas (I'm sure the neighbours talk about me though!). When I had a photo for my first book, 'Living the Dream' for the intoduction, my photographer friend Raelene MADE me have the photo in my pyjamas because "that's what you do when your stitching Leanne". (see page 3).


I don't actually think this is weird, but most of my friends do - my panty is very tidy. I have everything in matching plastic containers. When we have a girl's night at my place the girls love to swap all my labels around on my spices, so paprika becomes cayene pepper, and so on. Maybe they think it's weird that each container is labelled with the contents and the use by date. I'm not sure.


Late at night I love to watch 'Columbo' (that 1960's onward American detective in the trench coat that fumbles around). I have every episode on DVD and probably know each one off by heart. Once again, I'm not sure why this is weird but everyone tells me it is.

and Six:

I ALWAYS have to have my toe nails painted. I cannot stand my toe nails without nail polish. Even in the depths of WInter I still have to have them done. Just one of those things.

I also have to tag six other people and they are (see my side list): Kerry Swain, Melly and Me (that counts for two), Di Mill, Lollie b chie and Tales from Pixie Wood.

Now that I've revealed all my weirdness I hope you come back to visit!

Leanne xxx xxx (extra friendship kisses so you'll return)

Sundaes on Monday...

What a great night! Last night we had 'Sundaes on Monday' at Waverley Patchworkers .We had icecream sundaes while we sat and stitched (and laughed and talked and admired each others projects - you should see Ronnies's crazy patchwork!!!) our own projects - how much fun can a girl have! I would have photos but I forgot my camera!

Anyway, Waverley Patchworkers has a HUGE event coming up in June called, 'Quiltganza'. Have a peek at their website for more details. I've been lucky enough to be invited to be one of the teachers and this is what I'll be doing:


It's a carry bag (18" x 18"). This is what I've been working on (like a mad woman) for the last little while. I'm happy with the end result and can't wait to teach it. I've been making a scrapbook as I go along so that I can share this with the 'Quiltganza' ladies on the day.

Thanks to everyone who voted on fabric colors a little while ago because this was also the inspiration for the bag! I'm working on lots of things now and there will be more updates...

Laugh and have fun,

Leanne xxx

P.S. VERY into the meaning of quilt blocks at the moment. The stitchery quilt block (top centre row of the bag) is for all my girls at Roxby Downs - it's called 'mineral wells'. Think of you girls SO often!

Quilt til you wilt...

How much fun can a girl have? What a week: buying fabric, stitching my projects, out with friends, stitching night at my home, and now 'Quilt til you wilt'!

Last night at Mrs. Martin's Quilt Shop we had 'Quilt til you wilt'. We arrived at 6pm to start stitching (BYO project), had Italian food for dinner, drank champagne (and lots of water with temperatures in the high 30's! - feeling like Broome more than Melbourne!), and laughed and laughed! We did actually get a bit of stitching done too!!


And we had a very special surprise - four ladies on a road trip from Sydney came for the night!:


Fourteen girls and lots of stitching and even more laughs - what a hoot!!


Any of you who are quilters out there know just how great it is to get together with a like minded bunch of girls. Surely this is the best part of being a quilter...

Talk soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx

A favorite kind of day...

Had a favorite kind of day today. Got spend most of it with my friend Rosie and we went FABRIC SHOPPING!!!!!!! What I got was:




from Patchwork on Central Park in East Malvern ( Even though it was such a hot one today (37 degrees!) we had lots of laughs and giggles - a real girls day out. And it can only get better because a few of the girls are popping by for a bit of stitching tonight...

Chat soon,

Leanne xxx

New Pattern!

A new pattern release today - 'Wishes and Lilies'. Some of you will have seen this pattern already if you participated in 's Christmas Club. To those of you who received the pattern and sent me one of those lovely emails saying how much you enjoyed it - thankyou very much.

Here's what's in the pattern:




The pattern includes the instructions for the framed stitchery, as well as the pillow, with other stitchery options for the words  'heart felt friendship' and 'Christmas wishes', such as 'birthday wishes'. There are the two stitchery patterns, one is a Christmas version, as you can see in the pillow. Of course there are instructions for putting your name in the stitchery too!(and the year).

These photos were taken on the way back home from teaching in South Australia last year. My friend (and fellow quilt teacher) Gail Pan and I stopped on the side of the road to photograph them. Well, it looked like the perfect spot!. I fell in love with the red earth (my beautiful Australia) and simply had to use this spot! Looking at them now I think about how hot it is here in Australia at the moment - 40 degrees or hotter just about everywhere! These pictures kind of say that!

If you are a local they will be on show at in Monbulk, around the corner from my home, if you'd like to see the samples in person. Mrs. Martin also has my original 'Leanne's House Block of the Month Quilt' on display if you would like to see that.

To all my friends on the other side of the world, I hope it's not too cold!

Leanne xxx

This weekend...

This weekend I scrubbed two things off my New Years resolutions:

1. Keep my studio clean all the time. It's obviously NEVER going to happen because we're only half way through January and look:


2. Cut back on fabric and scrapbook supplies. Walked into Scrappers Warehouse on Saturday and discovered the new glitter from Making Memories (they call it scrapbook shimmer - how could I resist?)- JUST LOOK:


It even says on the bottle 'be inspired' - had my name all over it!

So I've added two new things to my New Year's resolutions:

1. Be flexible.

2. Relax!

How are your resolutions going?

Leanne xxx

The winner is....

Thankyou to every one of you who entered the draw for the 'Quilter's Journal' bits and pieces(see post Jan 8th)!There were names in the hat (well green metal bucket!) everywhere from Norway and Belgium to Mount Evelyn (not far from my own home here in Australia).

Here's how the draw went: Georgia (5 years) happy to stand by and watch while Allycia (15 years) draws out the winner:


And who won?:


Congratulations Rebecca from New Zealand!!!!!

Then of course while we were all getting so excited that we had a winner Georgia got a bit upset (to say the least) because she didn't get to draw out a winner (okay we did all over react and got a BIT too excited). So next thing we know we have a second place (quick thinking from Allycia)!

Second place is:


So Rebecca and Bev can you please email me your postal details (please don't post your personal details in comments) and I'll send off the prizes on Monday! (Lucky I found another binder!).

I hope that everyone who entered the draw has had a little bit of fun with it - I certainly have. If you are still looking for a binder you can order one (they are still out of stock in Australia at the moment) by leaving your details with one of my favourite scrapbook shops, Scrappers Warehouse and they will add you to the waiting list. . or phone (03) 9705 7801. Or visit the shop at 26a Webb Street, Narre Warren, Victoria, Australia (might see you in there!).

Happy stitching and recording all those lovely stitching memories,

Leanne xxx